Wonderful Ways to Washi

Wonderful Ways to Washi
Hello, friends! There are so many ways to use washi, especially when washi is cute and functional like the hourly washi from the Paperie Planner Add-On Kit. 

Kim Oedekoven: One Washi, Three Ways

https://youtu.be/m4TMtf2qyMw     Today I have 3 different ways to use the timed washi tape included in the Paperie Planner Add-On Kit this February. Obviously, I'm using it to plan timed events in my Paperie Standard Dori, but the way and the reason behind each are quite different.   Because I want to keep an eye on both work and home on the same page, I've put the washi tape down the middle of each day. It allows for the vertical flexibility to shift between tasks within the same time block or block both sides off for a major timed task the requires focus. Here is a quick reel on how I mapped out one day with it.     I've done this before in my Paperie Standard Dori, turning the orientation vertically, but I've not done it with timed sections before. I placed the Paperie ‚ÄúTime‚Äù Washi on the left-hand side and had Friday through Sunday as a header on the top of the page. By turning the page vertically, I can gain a few more hours in my day and have those events placed within those time blocks quite easily.     The last way I've devised to use this tremendous asset is to map out my ideal day. On the inside cover, I thought it would be great to think about how each day would look in the best-case scenario. I used the tape on the left side to map out the hours and used the space to the right of it the write down specific tasks. The M-F sticker from the Paperie Classic Sticker Kit provides a place to give an hourly task for each day of the week. I've used over half of this wonderful washi in my planner already, time to pick up some more!   Share your wonderful washi wisdom with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator