Three Ideas for Stamping in Your Planner

Hello, friends! Stamping is a staple for many memory-keepers but they are also so handy on your planner pages. Move over stickers, it's time to get stamping!

Natasha Pytlik: Three Ideas for Planner Stamping

When I first got into stamping in my planner, I was so scared to give it a go. There were many terms that I was unfamiliar with, and different types of inks that I was really unsure of what was the best for me. Another thing that confused me was the difference between decorative stamping and functional stamping similar to decorative vs. functional planning.
Through years of practice and creative experimentation, I found that my sweet spot is decorative functional stamping, a combo of both styles! The decorative elements keep my interest, add beauty and joy to my day and of course, the functional elements make sure that I stay on track with my daily and monthly tasks and goals. In my February b6 planner set up using the Paperie Collection I have stamping sprinkled throughout my whole setup. Today, I’m sharing three ways you can use stamps in your planner pages and set up.
Monthly Spread
For my monthly spread, this is an example of different ways to use stamps in a decorative fashion. I’m using the Whimsical Weeds Stamp Set that is in the Daisy Store to add my own personalization to my planner inserts. I also stamped a few half circles in blue, which are indications for appointments that I have throughout the month. This is an example of how a stamp can be both decorative and functional at the same time. I have that pop of color to grab my attention and a color code associated with the appointment just like you would use a highlighter.
Planner Divider
Next up, I am using the days of the week stamp set found in the Paperie Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I selected an ink that was similar to the pattern paper for a subtle detail. I thought it was a cute add-on to the embellishments I had chosen and applied.
Daily Spread
When it comes to stamping on my daily pages, I will typically do this in advance to add some decorative details to the page. I used a lot of Cocoa Daisy stamps from my stash which is so fun! Reminds me of how well the different collections work together. I added some fun details on the left side as well as some icons to help keep the different lists I have straight. As a visual person, the icons help me see and distinguish the different lists within the layout.

I hope you’re able to walk away with an idea or two to try out. If you’re just getting started with stamping, practice breeds confidence! Honestly. I am definitely not a perfect stamper even after years of practice but knowing how much fun they are and the limitless options I’m always going back to my stamps. And if you hate it, you will turn the page and you’re onto a clean slate either the next day or the following week.

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator