Ring Bound Planner Love in the Personal Size

Ring Bound Planner Love in the Personal Size

Howdy, friends!

If you're like me, you have a hard time choosing which planner format is right for you. I have found two things to be true at the same time: lots of planner can work for me AND there is no perfect planner. The personal size is one of those formats that works for my planning needs most of the time, so long as I have the right inserts. Enter, the Personal Size Inserts from Cocoa Daisy. I can say without a doubt that these inserts have everything I need to plan all the things monthly, weekly and daily.




I am particularly found of the this month's Big Sky Planner Kit for helping me setup my planner. This kit has papers and tabs for dividers, die cuts for pocket decorating and stickers to get you started. It's nice to have reliable items to utilize each month for my setups!


The Big Sky Personal Size Inserts come with a dated monthly spread along with inserts for weekly and daily planning. Even in this smaller size, I have plenty of space to jot down what I need to get out of my head and onto the page. I reserve my monthly pages for "fixed" items that I can refer to easily when planning my days. I found the Big Sky Stamps to be the perfect flat decoration for my monthly pages. If something comes up, I can either write over the stamping over put a sticker down. If you are looking for stickers, I recommend the Big Sky Daisy Weeks Sticker KitTheir small-scale is just right for these pages. 



I'm no stranger to a decked-out divider, but when the pattern paper is this cool, I opted to let it shine on it's own. The photo realism aspect of this collection really spoke to me. 



The weekly pages are my "big picture" look at the week. I don't tend to put much detail on these pages (thanks to my daily pages!) and like to use the space to have fun with stickers and stamps while still capturing my important tasks and events.  Here, I utilized the adorable icons stickers from the Big Sky Planner Kit to visualize the priorities for each day. In my world, this would be considered a "minimalist" creative planning week. Let's take a look at what happens when I go all out!


At least one week a month, I like to really embellish my weekly spread. For this spread, I relied heavily on stickers from the  Big Sky Classic Cousin Sticker Kit and the  Big Sky Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit to decorate my weekly spread. When I want to highlight an event, I use alpha stickers for impact. It's so fun to go all out every now and then in your planner, don't you think?



The meat and potatoes of my planning actually happens in this section. I pair my color-block weekly pages with the daily pages and focus on getting things ticked off my to-do list. This section tends to be pen forward (not much decoration) and that works for me. At the start of the week, I write down all the things I need to accomplish for home/admin, work and personal tasks. On the color block page, I only add fixed events like a dinner out or an appointment. Each day I refer to this spread to help me plan on my daily pages. A tip: to protect the ring mechanism in your planner, cut slits where the ring holes are for easy access an customization. 


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