Get Creative with the Big Sky Planner Kits!

Get Creative with the Big Sky Planner Kits!

Howdy, friends!

We're wrapping up our time with the Big Collection, so let's get creative with the bits a pieces leftover from our kits!


Renee Day: Get Creative with Big Sky Planner Kits



Layers, layers, layers! It's all about the layers. I started this journal layout by placing the cowhide and paisley print washi tape in random parts of the journal using items from the Big Sky Planner Add-On Kit. Once I start placing other pieces from the Big Sky Collection, the washi tapes may make a big appearance in the layout or they might play a small part. Then with the Beige Mildliner Highlighter, from the  Big Sky Planner KitI added a couple boxes for notes and ideas. And of course I had to add the March rub-on transfer.



The Big Sky Collection is so wonderfully themed. I converted one of the double-sided decorative papers from the planner kit into an envelope and held it in place with the cowhide and paisley print washi tape. An envelope is the perfect spot to add pictures, notes, or other mementos. Then I adhered a hawk ephemera and sticker to the highlighted box for decoration.



I added a couple of notecards on the opposite page, layering them on top of the washi tape. I couldn't resist adding the Johnny Cash notecard from the  Big Sky Planner Kit, it hits just right! The colorful notecard underneath has enough space to include a 2x3 picture or journaling.



This page is just too cute. There's so much to look at with all the layers and I can appreciate an interactive journal layout (an envelope to hold goodies). I couldn't do without the washi tape, stickers, and ephemera, as they complement and complete the page.


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