Customize It: Pocket Cards!

Customize It: Pocket Cards!
Hello, friends! Pocket cards pack a punch with their small size and adaptability for any memory-keeping project. Customize them or even alter their shape completely!

Ashley Horton: Traveler's Notebook Layout with Pocket Cards & Circle Punches

If you're like me and don't use your Pocket Cards for Pocket Pages, you might wonder what you can do with them. Well, there are definitely a lot of fun ways to incorporate them into your other projects! I chose 4 different pocket cards from the Paperie Modern Memory Keeping Kit to use on my Traveler's Notebook layout.
I started the layout with my background papers, and I decided to have one side be one of the patterned papers from the Kit and the other side just white. Then I grabbed a variety of my circle punches from size 3.5 inches down to 1 inch. I used the largest punch for my photo, which I turned black & white before printing it out. Then I used the next larger punches for the two cards with the phrases on them. I used my smallest punches for the pocket cards that had heart and confetti patterns on them.
Once I had all of the circles punched, I started to arrange them. I placed my photo on the white background side, so it would really stand out. Then I placed all of the circles that I had punched from the pocket cards around my photo. I usually like to get my photo and other main elements in place, before I start adding other embellishments.
I finished the layout with a mix of embellishments, from the die cuts, chipboard, and sticker sheets from the Paperie Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and the  Paperie Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I like to use embellishments to create a balance of color and size on my pages, so if I use one color on one side, I like to bring it in on the other side too.

I hope you've been inspired to look at your Pocket Cards in the Paperie Modern Memory Keeping Kit a bit differently, and that you will find fun ways to bring them into your projects!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator