Thinking Outside of the Pocket

Thinking Outside of the Pocket
Hello, friends! Pocket cards are awesome for pocket page memory-keeping, but it is also fun to think outside the pocket and use cards in different ways!

Traci Reed: Thinking Outside The Pocket with Journal Cards


When it comes to pocket cards, I RARELY actually put them in the pocket. I like to dissect them, embellish them, repurpose them and use them as basically anything but a pocket-filler! For this layout, I used two 3x4 cards and one 4x6 card from the Nordic Skies Modern Memory-Keeping Kit to create an interactive page flip in my album that hides my journaling and extends the amount of usable space I have in my album!

I basically built my whole layout around the sentiment on the "It's only cold if you're standing still" card, so it makes sense that it's front and center on my layout. I paired it with the silly photo of me on the outside of my photo flip, backed with 1/2 of a patterned 4x6.

I created a photo flip using a cardstock hinge. Inside the photo flip, I have a less silly photo matted with the other half of that pink 4x6 and an actual journal card where I can write my story - 3 journal cards total!

In order to make my photo flip "blend" with the layout and not look like it was just placed on top of my layout, I added various forms of the snowflakes from the Nordic Skies Collection (stickers, die cuts, rub-ons) throughout, overlapping both the top and bottom photos as well as the main large photo. This made everything feel cohesive and dynamic.

Finally, a large main title directly across from the photo flip draws your eyes across the page right to where we want them!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator