Setup Saturday: Paperie Daisy Dori

Setup Saturday: Paperie Daisy Dori
Hello, friends! A new month is fast approaching and we thought you may want a little inspiration for your February planner setup! This setup is extra special, complete with a fun "planner hack" for the redesigned Daisy Dori!

Kimberly Oedekoven: Rearrange Your Daisy Dori Pages!  

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the redesigned format of the Daisy Dori but my planning style likes to have the weeks and then the corresponding daily pages following. This is such an easy fix; just flip a couple of pages and viola, and the problem is solved. After talking out the staple, you simply alternate a color block weeks page in your Paipere Insert with the grid pages. And within the alternating, you flip the 2nd and 4th color block page face down.

Because we are rearranging pages they don't particularly match in terms of design, BUT they do in terms of color and theme. To be frank, I love the mix of colors, lines, and grid pages. It gives it even more of an artistic feel. Now with this process, there will be one shared daily page each week, I've chosen mine to be Saturday and Sunday, and you will have 2 extra pages during the 3rd week.

For the two extra pages, I've turned them into a 'Currently' Section using stickers from the Paperie Planner Add-On Kit. Using the Click-Art pen from the Nordic Skies Classified Planner Kit made some intersecting shapes on my page. Then added a "currently" and a couple of icon stickers too. I'm planning to fill this as my month comes along:)

I always use the circle stickers from the Paperie Add-On Sticker Kit on all of my weekly pages which adds a bit of cohesivity throughout. This particular week I added a lovely piece of pen washi from the Paperie Classified Planner Edition to break up the color vertically. Here is a quick reel on how dated my planner for this month

This system will definitely be something that I am going to be repeating every month moving forward. I love the imaginative way all the colors and the pages play with one another.

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator