Sticker Saturday: Planner Sticker Kit

Sticker Saturday: Planner Sticker Kit
Hello, friends! Ah, stickers. Many of us have loved this supply since our childhood days! Cocoa Daisy offers a variety of sticker kits, and we are sure there is the perfect sticker kit for you!  

Kimberly Oedekoven: Fun and Function for Sticker Saturday  
In my humble opinion, the best sticker kits are the ones that have a fantastic mix of functional and decorative. The Wander Planner Sticker Kit is especially fantastic this month. With its neutral colors, it could be used all season long and even into the fall.

This is my daily spread from the 24th of May, right before Memorial Day weekend, and planning for the fun family time was in full swing. Even though there is a header on the top of each Wander Standard Size Travelers Notebook page, I emphasized this one to enhance the 'never, ever stop exploring' notation above with one of the opaque washi strips. And then the layering begins.

I always use up the 1.5" boxes but this time I turned it 90 degrees and used it as a base for a checklist which I placed 1/8" from the edge to create a left-hand border. I often also look for the bleed cuts from the stickers and I used the orange one to place under the title of the event, not only to create a header but also for it to connect the left and right side of the page.

I also used the bleed from another washi strip to create a divider from the AM and PM parts of the day. I used the left over shortened cut from the page on the left just to add a little more detail to the line. I clearly like to use all that I can with the sticker kits, even the cast offs.

On the bottom of this page under our tailgate list (with the cute VW van), I thought it would be wonderful after all the chores and tasks to create a little space for some journaling. I usually use this detailed strip and cut it up for icon stickers but it is also a great reminder that life is not all about to-dos. Enjoy your summer!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator