Hi fellow daisies! I hope this blog post finds you well. This month I wanted to venture out of my creative comfort zone and use a medium in my planner that Intimidated me a bit. Stamping!

I’ve only used the Cocoa Daisy stamps once before. Why? Because I am super intimidated by them! Before this blog post, I had believed stamping was complicated and hard to do. Perhaps you feel the same? (*spoiler alert: its so easy and fun!) I have created a video you can see here.

Before this project, I believed you had to have a lot of different ink pads and invest a significant amount of money on stamping supplies. Wrong! I found an ink set at my local craft store that had perfect colors to match this month’s cocoa daisy kit. Though the ink set was not that expensive to begin with, I used a coupon to save a bit more money. And the beat prt? The ink set has so many of the colors we see each month from Cocoa Daisy. One ink set and I can use it almost every month! Its easy to match the ink to the Cocoa Daisy kits. Each month, the planner add-on kit comes with a color swatch card that you can use to match your ink to the kit.

My first stamping project was a monthly spread. I used several of the different stamps that came in the memory keeping kits to embellish my monthly spread. One of my favorites was the star way stamp. Using shades of purple and blue, I placed the ink on the stamps and the stamps on the page. Applying the ink wasn’t hard though it can get messy. I highly suggest keeping a damp cloth nearby to dab your stamps on and clean them after use. You can also use a simple sheet of white copy paper to “practice stamp” on.

One significant thing I learned is the amount of pressure you use to to stamp on to the page plays a big roll on how the project turns out. The more pressure you use, the more intense the color. If you apply too much pressure with some of the smaller stamps with tiny font, you can actually distort the words. If you do not apply enough pressure, you can lose some of the image. This part I’ll admit has a small learning curve. However, using the white copy paper to practice can help tremendously.

My second project was a weekly spread. I really had a lot of fun here. Again, using a combination of stamps and colors, I randomly stamped my week spread to give it a base design. Then, I can later embellish with stickers! Pro-tip: if you love the look of the stamping, you can continue to stamp several weekly spreads while you have your supplies out. This creates a base design to build on later.   

I will tell you that I have never been a memory keeper or scrapbooker. But, using these stamps has made me want to use it everywhere! Because the Cocoa Daisy stamps were made for memory keeping, it really is a match made in daisy heaven.

Whether you use them in your planner, your memory keeping spread, or to add a decorative touch to your project, stamping is extremely versatile. As a reminder, there are a few ways you can snag the cocoa daisy stamps. You can get one set in each of the memory keeping sets (pocket and travel notebook). You can also get the stamp set!

I hope this post helps you to overcome your intimidation of stamping. Using Coco Daisy stamps is so easy and adds such a unique touch to your projects. Until next time, happy stamping!