Specialty Items: Doodles & Dashes Collection

Hello, friends!

Specialty items are not standard to a specific kit, which makes it feel super special when they show up in your box of happy! We are particularly in love with the specialty items that came in the Doodles & Dashes II Classified: Planner Kit and the Doodles & Dashes Kit II Planner Add-On Kit.

Natasha Pytlik: Clear Pockets In Your Planner


There are so many beautiful specialty items in the Doodles & Dashes II Collection it's hard to pick a favorite. Today, I’m sharing how I created a DIY disc-bound pocket insert using the clear adhesive pocket found in the Doodles & Dashes II Classified: Planner Kit. If you caught my set up of the Autumn Thicket set up for October you might have noticed the custom clear pocket I had made. I really enjoy adding simple DIYs that help me stay more organized with items in a centralized location.


To create my DIY pocket insert, I selected a few of the rub-ons found in the Doodles & Dashes II Classified: Planner Kit and adhered them both to the front of my pocket as well as the card that I backed the pocket onto. This gives it a layered look and I like that play of the different dimensions. To add some more of the beautiful artwork from the collection to my pocket I added some washi strips from the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit to the front of my pocket. I selected the washi with the illustrations with the line-drawn vines and flora as I felt that was the best match to my selected rub-ons. To finish my DIYadhesive pocket insert I punched the card and the pocket using my Arc discbound punch to be able to put it right into my B6 planner set up.


Inside this pocket, I plan to keep a journal card to record my morning and evening routines. I used the alphas from the Doodles & Dashes Kit II Planner Add-On Kit to add that cute touch alongside some more rub-ons. For my fellow Discbound planner girls, I hope this gives you some ideas of how you can use the adhesive pockets in your planner. With this size, it’s perfect to put in the middle of your weekly spread but also could be moved to the front of your planner or the back.


Kimberly Odekoven: Notepad Holder Turned Planner Cover

https://youtu.be/RcED6Te4RVA     One of my favorite things in this whole collection and especially in the Doodles & Dashes Kit II Planner Add-On Kit is the Notebook holder.¬† As you may know, I have a habit of rethinking the intended purpose of a kit item, and this little nugget is no different.     To me it‚Äôs so much more than a notebook holder, it's a planner cover.¬† I didn‚Äôt subscribe to the Mini Daisy Dori, but I did create my own and punched it on discs.¬† I started by using the rub on packaging for a cover and embellished that with the bag from the Doodles & Dashes II Classified: Planner Kit, a strip of washi, and a few pages from the notepad of the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit. I think that it's a pretty and functional way to utilize the notepad holder as a cover.     One of my sections, labeled "to buy", is actually 2 pieces of scrap kit paper and the title card for the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit finished off with a single die cut.¬† I always try to incorporate a shape I see within the collection and repeat it.¬† This time I was thoughtfully using the triangle shape but If you think about the vertices of the plus sign being a triangle it really does go together.¬† Another way of using what you have and imagining it differently:)     The next divider is one of my favorites because I really wanted a layered monochromatic look.¬† Using the Doodles & Dashes II Classified: Planner Kit adhesive pocket slightly sliced and on its side, I now have a place to carry my die cuts on the go.¬† There are also 2 extra stickers,¬† little details in the same colorway,¬† which pulls this one together.   Share your favorite specialty items with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator