Setup Saturday with the Wander Collection

Setup Saturday with the Wander Collection
Hello, friends! It is "Setup Saturday" and we are excited to share a brand new planner setup, featuring the Wander Collection. Let's get into it!

Natasha Pytlik: B6 Discbound Planner Setup

June is here and I enjoyed returning to some tried and true favorites for this month’s b6 discbound planner setup using the Wander Collection!

Planner Insert Arrangement

For my b6 planner setup, I use the “B6 Ring 0 hole” inserts so I can punch them to have them compatible to work with discs instead of rings. Prior to punching the inserts, I like to rearrange the pages in a way that makes the most sense to my brain for the month. For June, I decided to put the notes/calendar up front, the weekly spreads(my list layouts), the color-striped pages, and then last but not least the daily inserts.
I am hoping to use the notes section at the front of the planner as a master to-do list for the month and feel very inspired to make this work. I feel confident that by being at the front of my planner, it will be at the front of my mind.

Mix and Match Dividers

When it comes to my planner dividers, I love to customize them in a way that is unique but also not too intricate. My best dividers always come from utilizing a mix of the pattern papers found in the Wander Planner kit, the pocket cards from the Wander Modern Memory Keeping Kit, and the stickers from typically the Wander Planner Add-On Kit and Wander Classified: Planner Kit. Sticking with elements that are flat is important to me so that I can write on my pages without having to remove them due to bulk.
I created another sticker pocket within my “lists” section of my planner using the beautiful vellum from the Wander Classified: Planner Kit because I am obsessed with the smaller-scale stickers from the Wander Planner Add-On Kit and Wander Classified: Planner Kit and want to have them available at all times.

Trying Something New

I do have my tried and true planner set up favorites but do love to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new each month. This month it was using the black bulldog clips found in the Wander Classified: Planner Kit! I used them as page finders. The first one is for easy access to my monthly calendar and the second clip is to locate my weekly list layout. For the weekly list layout, I paired it with the large acrylic bookmark found in the Wander Planner kit for a perfect combo. I added a few stamp embellishments for another touch of detail.
I hope this blog post reminds you that you can always go back to those tried and true favorites in your planner setup while also trying something new based on some of the gorgeous supplies from Cocoa Daisy.

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator