Planning In Your Season with Cocoa Daisy

Planning In Your Season with Cocoa Daisy

Hello, friends!

The best planning system is the one that works for you and is adaptable to your life seasons. Whether it is actual season changes or life circumstances, your planner(s) can support you reach your goals and stay focused. And, it can look great, too!

Natasha Pytlik: Planning During a New Season

I have always loved the balance between structure and flexibility within the Cocoa Daisy inserts and this is certainly true as I entered a new season of life starting my entrepreneurial journey at the beginning of 2023. I use the B6 (no holes) inserts, in conjunction with a spiral-bound planner and ClickUp, an online project management tool.

I have customized two main sections in my B6 planner to work specifically for this new season.

I have now reformatted the color-stripped weekly pages as client dashboards. I add some washi to cover the days of the week and then added some other stickers to identify some critical details for each client. I will use the left side page for client notes.

The second section I currently rely on heavily is my daily section! In particular, I have found a way to color code the half-hour time slots in my B6 Daily Inserts to correspond with the Pomodoro Technique which I often use for time/task management. As a chronic over-planner, who is also a time-blind ADHDer this has been super helpful to be aware of not overcommitting myself as I can only fit two tasks within the hour. Another small change with my daily inserts is I now am using the top section with the three items, one for my top 3 for the day and the other for my morning reminders. I continue to use the left side graph paper as a notes/ brain dump area.

No matter what season of life you might currently be in, with an open mind and some experimentation you can find exactly how to customize your planner inserts to meet you where you are right now and best serve you! It’s okay if that looks different from your past season, or what’s six months from now. Give yourself that permission to try something new you might surprise yourself.


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator