Creative Journaling with the Paperie Inserts

Creative Journaling with the Paperie Inserts
Hello, friends! Having a consistent journaling practice has so many benefits for our well-being. If you set out to journal more in 2023, we have some ideas to get you started!  

Natasha Pytlik: Creative Journaling in Your Planner

So, you want to start a journaling practice but are not sure you’ve got time to dedicate to it? I’ve got a solution for you… mix it right into your Cocoa Daisy planner pages.

Between your weekly planning inserts, you will find two pages of graph paper begging for your journaling. I kept a structure that both you and I are familiar with and set it up horizontally similar to the Minimalist Collection Inserts. I used stickers from the Paperie Classified Planner Kit to break it up and give myself some space for every day.

To get you started this week with your journaling I have two tips to share...

1. If creative journaling is overwhelming because you're not sure what stickers to choose, I recommend starting with a tone-on-tone look. This means you take a color like blue, pick a foundation sticker, and then group other blue stickers together. This is great when you're getting started and unsure what colors "look good" together.

2. Not sure what to actually journal about? Start with a list using one of the prompt stickers from the Paperie Planner Add-On Kit and list out using bullet points. Pair it with some stickers from your Paperie Planner Sticker Kit and viola, journaling magic! Later on in the week, highlight a quote that stood out to you that you read in a book, saw on an Instagram post, or heard from your favorite podcast. This can be anything that you want! I love mixing in Alpha Stickers from the Paperie Planner Add-On Kit to make a special statement.

I hope you've realized how you're already on your way to developing your journaling practice as it can be right within your planner that you access every day! Not to mention this is a great way to stretch your product and use up all your stickers for the month.

Share your creative journaling with us by by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator