Scrap Small Saturday with Wonderland Kits

Scrap Small Saturday with Wonderland Kits

Hello, friends!

It's Scrap Small Saturday and today we are featuring the memory keeping kits from the Wonderland Collection!

Traci Reed: Scrap Small Saturday


When you’re scrapping small, every choice counts, right? Every choice I made on this layout featuring a photo of me and my husband on a self care night reinforced the fun Wonderland theme that you might not think to pair with a photo like this, so let’s break it down!



First, why did I choose this photo with the Wonderland theme? It’s all in the title! We literally “painted” our faces red with our face mask, so I used a quote from the Queen of Hearts about painting the roses red for my title.



Let's talk about the Queen of Hearts die cut making a statement, literally! Positioned like she's shouting the title, she’s not just a decorative piece – she’s a quirky touch tying the theme together. Finding unexpected uses for elements in our crafting stash? That's the secret sauce to a unique layout.



The mini envelopes on the page are acting as anchors for the composition and stealing the show! You can catch the behind-the-scenes action in my Instagram reel – a quick, fun look at the process. You can find these envelopes in both the Wonderland Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and Wonderland Modern Memory Keeper Kit in the Wonderland collection, ready-to-make! Little details like these not only make crafting fun, but also bring in a whimsical vibe and add that special touch to the final masterpiece.



Hearts and word bits falling out of an upside-down envelope? Yep, that happened. No grand plan, just a spontaneous decision that added a playful vibe to the layout. Sometimes, the unplanned moves are the ones that bring the most fun to our creative projects.



Lastly, and the "king and queen" journal cards? Perfect photo mats! We're the king and queen of our house, after all. A bit of strategic covering to showcase only the K and Q corners, preserving the sentiment without any distractions! Some strategically placed rub ons and die cuts finish off the page and we’re ready to go!

And there you have it – a glimpse into the creative choices behind my latest scrapbook layout using the Wonderland Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping KitWonderland Modern Memory Keeper Kit!



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