Journaling with the Wonderland Embellishments

Journaling with the Wonderland Embellishments

 Hello, friends!

The embellishments in the Wonderland Collection make for great accents on your journal pages.


Eliza Hall: Journaling with the Wonderland Embellishments


Hello Wonderland Daisies! It’s February and who doesn’t love the colors that this month brings when it comes to journaling. I was in awe when I saw how beautiful and gorgeous the Wonderland Collection was. It made me so happy to be in the month of February.



I always start off decorating the left side as I like to collage a little before starting my actual journaling. To create this page, I used the faux washi strips, rub-on stickers and stickers that comes in the Wonderland Main Planner KitWonderland Planner Add-on Kit and Wonderland Bible Journaling Kit. I used a graph notebook with the gsm of 160 so that the stickers would hold well.



I started off with using faux washi. I layered the thick faux washi on top of each other and then used the thinner strips at the top and bottom. I love layering washi because it looks so good. Then, I paired it with sentiment from the Wonderland Bible Journaling Kit. I placed stickers at the top and bottom to give it some decoration. Moreover, I used the ombre numbers to note “2024.” After I finished all decoration, I felt like something was missing and I needed a little more contrast, so I used the black alphas to spell out “February.” That’s just what I needed to make the washi strips “pop.”



Next, I continued using the rub-on stickers to finish decorating the page. My favorite, the mushrooms! These apply on paper so easily and the quality is amazing. Furthermore, I decided to use the additional colored alphas to spell out “positive affirmations.” I really loved using the red alphas as it contrasted with the black alphas already used on the left side. I didn’t want to add too much black and this was perfect. After that, I thought it would be really cute to add the last piece of pink polka dot faux washi to separate the words. Once I was finished, I found a “journal” label and placed it at the top. Finally, it was time to journal my positive affirmations.



I used the pen that came with the Wonderland Main Planner Kit to journal three affirmations. The one with the white body writes amazing and flows extremely well on the paper. I chose three affirmations that were fitting for my mood.

I hope you enjoy Wonderland Collection just as much as I have loved creating with it! Happy Journaling!


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