Repeat It with Dandelion Wishes

Repeat It with Dandelion Wishes
Hello, friends! If you get "analysis paralysis" repetition is your best friend! You can't go wrong with repeating a design choice or creating repetition with your layout!

Jennie McGarvey: Repeating Elements in Memory Planner Spreads


Hello, repeating elements! This is one of my favorite ways to do, well, almost anything! If something is great once it's probably even better when you repeat it on the page!

I decided this week I wanted to use the stamp set from the Dandelion Wishes Modern Memory Keeping Kit to create scattered accents all over my page.
I started by creating three bigger clusters on this layout using the stickers from the Dandelion Wishes Memory Keeping Sticker Kit + Dandelion Wishes Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit. Then, it was time to break out the stamps.
I first added some accents to my photos. I layered the butterfly with the word meh repeated three times. I also did something I really love. I stamped three circles in black around a cluster of stickers. Next, I added yellow butterflies to the circles. Now, for a couple of those I needed to stamp words along with the circle and butterflies. (Including the word March from the Bookish Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit). I absolutely love the results!

Repeating stamped accents around my layout (especially those yellow butterflies!) made this one more fun than I had imagined. I love the results and will 100% try this again in my memory planner. Simple stamped images scattered around your planner are fun to do and create fantastic results!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator