Product Focus: Daily Planner Inserts

Product Focus: Daily Planner Inserts
Hello, friends! As you prepare for a new month in your planners, we wanted to provide some inspiration using the daily pages that come with the A5, B6, and Personal Size Inserts. Let's jump in!  

Natasha Pytlik: B6 Daily Inserts

I have recently transitioned into entrepreneurship full time and this new season of life brings the need for some updated routines, supports, and structures for my week and days. I have felt a strong pull to really focus on time blocking to give me that uninterrupted chunk of time to focus on a specific task or group of related tasks.

This led me to my new obsession of tweaking my b6 daily planner inserts to best fit my day-to-day schedule.

Here are a few things I have really enjoyed experimenting with in my b6 disc-bound planner setup using Lilian’s Garden Planner Kit as of late.

The Graph Paper Section of the Daily Insert

The left side of the two-page daily insert has always been a favorite of mine because I love graph paper inserts. It’s such an invitation for permission; permission to use that space exactly how I need to on that given day. Some of my favorite ways to use this space are for a thought download (brain dump), highlighting self-care moments like what I’m eating that day, or more structured lists for tasks that are small but need to be written down so I don’t forget. The stickers in the Lillian's Garden Planner Add-On Kit are great as headers.

Time Blocking within the Daily Insert

In the past, I have really only used the right page of the insert for lists but often found I was coming to the end of the day and hadn’t completed a lot of what I needed to!

As someone who has ADHD, I really struggle with time blindness. Understanding how long a specific task takes and how much I can *realistically* accomplish in a given time is a challenge. Having the literal lines limiting the number of tasks I can write down before the next time block section has brought a new awareness that was very much needed versus piling all sorts of tasks within the lists.
The Lillian's Garden Planner Inserts are wonderful as they provide just enough structure that we as planners, no matter what season of life we are in, can customize and tweak the inserts to meet us where we are at and really support our goals and day-to-day.
I hope that you are able to walk away with a small dose of inspiration on how you can best use the Cocoa Daisy daily planner inserts to work for you in your specific season of life.

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator