Product Spotlight: Planner Add-On Kit

Product Spotlight: Planner Add-On Kit
Hello, friends! We are taking a closer look at the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit and all the wonderful items in the kit that make any planner setup complete.

Jennifer Crowder: Planner Add-On Kit in Standard Traveler's Notebook Setup

The Planner Add-On Kit is the subscription I always keep subscribing to; it's the PERFECT mix of decoration and function and compliments the Main Planner Kit so well!
See what I mean by beautiful decoration?! The Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit came with this gorgeous lobster clasp dangle charm and the mix of blues is perfect. It's also easy to clip the charm onto a traveler's notebook, as I've done here, or slip it on the rings of a ring-bound setup.
This kit always comes with a 4X6 card and 2 pocket cards. The pocket cards are always my favorites from the kits and I often use them in my planner setup. This month I decorated the cover of my Spice Market Standard Size Daisy Dori with some kit paper and glued one of the cards on top of that.
The day of the week and date dot stickers are my absolute favorite way to date my inserts in my setup. I have these set aside for some daily planning. I couldn't resist adding some of the washi and decorative stickers from the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit to spruce up my plain monthly insert, though.
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Who likes to "tab all the things"?! This month the kit came with mini tabs and a functional, coordinating stamp set. I went to work with these immediately. I took 3 of the cards from the Modern Memory Keeping Kit, added tabs and stamps to the top, and now have 3 cards to decorate my front pockets in my traveler's notebook. These cards are also functional. Each month I create one that holds my contact information just in case I would happen to lose my planner and someone would find it. I also like to create one card for my pocket that is a "trigger list" of sorts. When I sit down to plan a week or day, I refer to this list to jog my memory on what I need to be focusing on.
Lastly, I layered some post-it notes on my planner notebook and added more tabs and stamps. The checklist stickers from this kit are also perfect for list-making. I mapped out several areas for the month of August including meal plans, creative work, daily habits, and important things to schedule. The Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit adds so much to your planner setup; what ideas do you see here that you'd like to try?

Laurie Grabarkewitz: Planner Add-On Kit in B6 Daisy Dori Setup

The Planner Add-On Kit provides those extra bits that really make the monthly kits pop. This month I was over the moon with the new label tabs and corresponding stamp set. Since switching over to the B6 Daisy Dori, these smaller label tabs are perfect.
I was able to use them in their traditional way and also as a topper for my task cards. I also love the glittered edgers that came in the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit. I again used them in the traditional way, and the leftover bits I used on the bottom of tags. I also used them as tabs for some of my smaller dashboards in my rings planner.
The stickers in the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit are always fun to add to my week on two pages. The journaling cards are very versatile and can be used in pockets or added to dashboards. I feel that the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit is a must-have!!

Cheryl Reiter: Planner Add-On Kit in Personal Rings Setup

Every month I am so happy to have both the Planner Kit and the Planner Add-On Kit. I don't think my planners would be complete without both! Today I will focus on the unique elements of the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit.
When I open my planner, I cannot help but smile when I see the Glitter Edger Stickers that I added to my Dashboards. The colors are vibrant and the glitter does not flake off!
This month the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit came with mini tabs and matching mini tab header stamps. I used those to create tip-ins with the 3x4 cards to create more journaling space.
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The Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit always has the best pocket cards! I created two different dashboards featuring them. The first featured pocket card also uses the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit only washi tape - Green Irate. You can also see in the photos the beautiful blue dangle bead charm.
I also really love the small sticker sheet with daily tasks. I layer them over larger stickers as a to-do reminder. I love the font and that I don't have to write everything!
Pick up your Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit today! Share your setups with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator