Preparing Journal Pages with the Solstice Kit

Preparing Journal Pages with the Solstice Kit
Hey everyone! Rachel here, and I am sharing a slightly different planner post today. For the last few months, I have used the Daisy Dori for my faith journal, and I thought it would be fun to share with you how I prep a few of my journal pages using the Solstice Kit. First, let us just take a minute and admire this gorgeous kit and my lovely decorated pockets and insert cover! Is there anything better than pretty pockets?

A little bit about this setup. I have trimmed down an A5 Daisy Dori to B6 size. This is what I love about the A5 Dori. It can be trimmed to so many different sizes! I put my faith journal in whatever cover I have that looks good with the kit. I Love this B6 Foxy Fix cover with the Solstice Kit, so, B6 it is for the month! The first two pages in my faith journal are dedicated to my prayer list. I like having them in the front for easy access. These pages are filled with people I’m praying for and personal prayer requests. I used the Alpha stickers and some washi to create the titles for these pages.

The rest of the Daisy Dori insert is dedicated to scripture writing and reflection. These are the pages I like to decorate. It is by no means necessary, but it brings me great joy and encourages me to actually fill the pages and grow spiritually.

My faith journal pages are often filled with paper scraps, stickers, and ephemera from the kits that would have otherwise remained unused.

I also like to add interactive elements like page flips and pockets to add more private reflections. Here I used one of the notepad pages to make a little flip and added a trimmed half-box sticker as a tab.

Every now and then, I like to add photos to my faith journal to prompt reflection. I love creating little embellishment clusters to the corners of pages. The cluster does not take up journaling space, but adds little something to the page. I hope you enjoyed a look at how I prepare pages for journaling. I have a process video on my YouTube channel if you are interested to see how these pages came together.