Pocket Love with the Koi Pond Collection

Pocket Love with the Koi Pond Collection
Hello, friends! Whether it is pockets for memory keeping or pockets in your planner, we definitely have a passion for pockets!   Veronica loves pocket pages for capturing everyday life. Hello! Here is a quick peek at my favorite thing to do in pockets. I love stitching all the embellishments! Stickers, tags, alphas...you name it! [gallery size="full" link="none" ids="836890,836888,836887"] The colors in the Koi Pond Collection are perfect for spring and summer and capture my everyday life. It looks magical with these soft colors!   Cheryl has all the pocket love inside her planner setup!
I created three different pocket pages for June's Koi Pond Collection setup. I love making pockets to hold my extra stickers and embellishments in my planner - keeps everything together!
The first pocket page is actually a folder I made from the folded decorative papers in the Koi Pond Main Planner Kit. I have a step-by-step process video below so that you can see how I cut the paper before sending it through the laminator.
This folder is actually too thick to go in my rings hole puncher but it slides perfectly into my planner pocket!
The second pocket page is using the 5 mil laminating sheets without any decorative paper. I used the die-cuts and some sequins to add pizazz to the page. the double-thick laminating sheets fit into the Rapesco hole punch without issue. This design is also in the process video.
The last pocket page is using the vellum from the Koi Pond Planner Classified Kit. I cut the length (height of the page) to 6.75 inches and then folded one side in so that it created a side pocket (3.75 inches wide). Then I laminated the sheet and used my craft knife to carefully cut along the edge of the fold to create a pocket.
These were designed for personal size rings which are 3.75" by 6.75" and can be adapted to work in any size planner!
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator