Planning Ideas with the Daisy Dori!

Planning Ideas with the Daisy Dori!
Hello, friends! Do you want to start planning in a Daisy Dori Travelers Notebook Insert but need some ideas to get started? Don't worry, we've got you covered!
Jennifer is switching things up in her planner setup!
This month, with school being out, I knew I wanted my Standard Daisy Dori to be set up a bit differently; I didn't need my monthly, weekly, or daily plans with me in my traveler's notebook. I came up with different ways to utilize each page of the Daisy Dori in a way that didn't include typical "planning" but still set me up to be productive throughout the month. The Koi Pond Modern Memory Keeping Kit comes with a calendar card; I love using this as my front dashboard. As soon as I open my planner, I get that quick month at a glance.
Gratitude always seems to be an integral part of my setup. I just cannot make it a day without reflecting on the small things that bring me joy. I used the date flags from the sticker sheet in the Koi Pond Planner Kit. I really enjoy how the black pops off the page.
 Part of the Getting Things Done Method is classifying anything that has more than 1 action item as a project. I set up a page in my Daisy Dori to hold 6 projects for the month using stickers and an old date stamp set. Now I have a space dedicated to projects that pop up in June and that's half the battle!
One thing I've found irritating each summer, is that while we frequent the same places (local pool, library, etc) I can NEVER remember the hours and days they are open! I was tired of spending time on my phone searching for their Facebook or web pages and then scrolling for information. So, I dedicated a page in my Daisy Dorito house this information. I think think it will come in handy more than once throughout the month and will save me time in the long run.
The same holds true for my husband's information. I usually screenshot any texts he sends me, but scrolling through my phone is just something I haven't enjoyed lately. This page in my Daisy Dori will be dedicated to those things I need to reference for him and his schedule.
It's been a while since I've included a "Currently" page in my Daisy Dori, but I saw these Favorites stickers from the Koi Pond Daisy Add On Sticker Kit and knew I wanted to use them for this purpose. It's a fun and easy way to document your monthly favorites.
The last thing that I knew I had to have in a system that would function for me, was a brain dump section. I SWEAR all my thoughts pop into my brain when I'm out and about and away from my main planner! Now, I have a place to jot them down and transfer them over to my planner when I return home for the day.
You can watch the full video with an explanation of the #gettingthingsdone method and a flip through of the entire Daisy Dori here:
[embed][/embed]   Laurie shares some great ideas with her Daisy Dori Setup! What I love about the B6 Daisy Dori is how versatile and customizable they are. Each month, I use the front section (week on 2 pages) in a traditional way, recording major events, and activities of the month, sometimes including a photo or two. The latter part of the Dori is where you can get creative and tailor it to fit your needs for the month. This month, I included a wellness/step tracker, a home project section, and a mini travel/ memory page. Sometimes I find I do not need all of the pages so, here is another way I get creative; this month in my step tracker, I folded down the right-hand page and turned it into a pocket. I will include some inspirational cards to keep me motivated throughout the month. I cut down one of the dashboards from the Koi Pond Planner Dashboard Kit and turned it into a tag for the pocket. I made another pocket on my home project page. For this pocket, I used some of the papers from the Koi Pond Planner Kit. On my travel page, I went ahead and planned it all out, leaving space for a favorite photo and my itinerary. If you haven't tried the B6 Daisy Dori, I would highly suggest it, as you can really turn it into whatever you need for the month. At the end of each month, I make a small file folder and store each Dori and some of my favorite tags, etc inside.   Some great ideas for the Creative Team! Share how you utilize the Daisy Dori by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


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