Pocket Love with Autumn Whispers Kits

Pocket Love with Autumn Whispers Kits

Hello, friends!

We are showing our love for pocket pages using the Autumn Whispers Collection. Pocket Pages are a great stand alone format of memory keeping and can be included into other formats like memory planning!



Jennie McGarvey Pockets Page Additions in a Memory Planner




I do not actually do a lot of scrapbooking in pockets. I'm mostly a planner and memory planner with a handful of other small scrapbook pages thrown in. However, some weeks in my memory planner need a few more photos included or larger photos included and that is when I use some pockets and really love it!



This week I took a weekend trip to visit my son so I thought I would include a few (four) photos for our weekend. A 6x8" pocket page with 4 3x4" pockets was the perfect answer to my need for space.


It's not quite fall yet, but I couldn't wait to use the Autumn Whispers Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I chose elements that didn't feel deeply like fall to me, such as the yellow and green 3x4" cards. They were the perfect cards to do a little bit of embellishing while keeping it simple.


The name of the game for pocket pages is definitely keeping it simple, and flat, too. Since I like my memory planner to remain as thin as possible, I try to add as few puffy stickers or chipboard pieces to my layouts. Instead, I stick with die cuts or stickers and the Autumn Whispers Memory Keeping Sticker kit is my favorite for the planner pages and the die cuts for the pocket page!





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