Start with Stickers to Maximize Your Planner Potential

Start with Stickers to Maximize Your Planner Potential

Hello, friends!

There is no right or wrong way to plan, but there is a way to plan for productivity and make it pretty, too!




Enter the Autumn Whispers Classic Planner Sticker Kit. If you use a Classic Size Happy Planner, or a similar style, this sticker kit is for you! With this sticker kit, I can keep things super functional while also having the decorative elements. The pretty decor motivates me to open my planner and the functional items keep me focused!



I’m using a favorite planner hack: re-dating a planner from a previous year. This sticker kit helps me do that! I am able to utilize the calendar stickers to  help me re-date the days of the week. The calendar in the top left corner is easily covered with one of the decorative box stickers. 



When planning in this layout, I started by laying down all the functional stickers: habit trackers, checklists, icons, and labels for events. This ensures I always have space for the crucial items. 



Where there is open space, I decorate! Sundays are typically pretty low key; a perfect area for a quiet stickers. For days that I am batching a task like cleaning, I use a mix of sticker to create a cluster, blocking off space that I would otherwise be tempted to fill with other tasks. 


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator