Near and (not so) Far with the Wander Kits

Hello, friends! Far-off adventures are great, but what about those close-to-home adventures? Don't let distance deter you from documenting your moments in new destinations.

Traci Reed: Close Your Eyes and Pretend It’s The Beach

In our quest to explore the world, we often forget about the hidden gems and local adventures right in our own backyard. Scrapbooking allows us to capture these precious memories and create a tangible reminder of the beauty around us. For this page, I documented a local moonshine-tasting adventure because we won’t be traveling far for a while!

For this page, I mainly used the Wander Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and the vibe I wanted to capture was as if someone had thrown their postcards and ephemera collected on an adventure down on the table and the result was a scrapbook page!

Using Die cuts and stickers from the Wander Modern Memory Keeping Kit, I layered around my photos, making sure to fill in any blank spaces. I also pulled in a teal alpha from a previous Cocoa Daisy kit because I didn’t have enough “e’s” for my whole title in just the brown letters.

My photo composition spans the whole page, so I made sure that the photo that crossed the gap in my Life Crafted Album was cut in a place where it wouldn’t go through my bestie’s face! I surrounded all of my photos with die cuts and chipboard pieces that would reinforce the “tropical” vibe of my title, even though we were in Tennessee!

Lastly, after I’d finished everything else, I got the crazy idea of watercolor on my page, so I mixed the stamp pad from the Wander Modern Memory Keeping Kit with water and used a brush to create splotches and splatters on my page. It was touch and go, but I managed not to ruin anything!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator