Planning in the Silent Moon A5 Daisy Notebook

Planning in the Silent Moon A5 Daisy Notebook

Hello, friends!

The Cocoa Daisy A5 Daisy Notebook along with the Silent Moon Planner Kits is perfect for all things planning and journaling.


Eliza Hall: Planning in the Daisy Notebook




Who’s ready for the new year? Planning is what I love to do, and what better way to start off the new year with the Silent Moon A5 Daisy Notebook for easy and simple planning. If anyone is busy like me, it’s always easier to plan for the entire week.



One thing I love incorporating into my planner is a section for “gratitude.” I used the stamp set from the Silent Moon Planner Add-On Kit to stamp “gratitude” for each day using archival ink in jet black. I love the way the stamp set gives the pages a clean look. Since I was totally impressed by the amazing impression of the stamp, I decided to stamp “daily to do” throughout the entire weekly layout.



A little something about me: I absolutely love washi! Washi tape always pulls together a planning spread. It’s just something about the Silent Moon Planner Washi that took my breath away. I pulled in some washi strips from the Silent Moon Bible Journaling Sticker Kit. I like to rip my washi because it just looks better with jagged edges. I took three different colors and layered them on top of each other, just enough to see the one underneath.



I really wanted to incorporate the celestial black washi tape from the Silent Moon Planner Add-On Kit so I layered it on top of the other washi to contrast the colors. It turned out amazing. I finished using some pieces to embellish each page. I also used a sticky note from the Silent Moon Planner Kit; ripped it in half and taped to the two different days of the week.



The final step: choose which days stickers I wanted to use. All of them were so cute! I chose the ones that were big enough to fit slightly over the washi but not covering it much. These days stickers from the Silent Moon Stationary Kit had less color, which was a beautiful contrast when colored with the colored washi.



I was able to plan my entire week of priorities. I always write the most essential “to do’s” before the week starts. This helps me to determine how in need to arrange my work and home schedule. I also write in my gratitude for the week. This helps me to have a target of gratitude for the upcoming week. See my planning process in this Instagram Reel

I had so much fun planning with the Silent Moon Collection, and I know you will too! There’s a Silent Moon Kit for everyone. Happy Planning!


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