Let’s Talk Stickers!

Let’s Talk Stickers!

Hello, friends!

It’s no secret that we love stickers around here. And recently, several of the sticker kits have received a refresh. In today’s post, I’ll share a little more detail about a few of the sticker kits and how I plan to use them in my planners and memory keeping. 




Now that you've seen the sticker kits, let's see how I put them to work in my planners! I'll start with the smallest stickers and end with the largest stickers. 


Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit



As I mentioned in the video, the Silent Moon Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit is formatted to work with a Hobonichi Weeks Planner. There are stickers you can use to build the foundation of your pages as I done here and small-scale icons, blank boxes and decoration to fill in the rest. So while this sticker kit works great for this specific planners it more generally could be described as the "small-scale" sticker kit. You can use it in the smaller Silent Moon Daisy Notebooks, the Silent Moon Personal Size Inserts or even a Mini Happy Planner!


Classic Cousin Sticker Kit




I'm very excited for the updates made to the Silent Moon Classic Cousin Sticker Kit. It now fits perfectly in the columns of the Hobonichi Cousin planners, and ones with a similar setup. I love all the options for stickers in this kit. One of my favorite ways to use this sticker kit is combining the washi strips and icons to time block certain tasks throughout my week. If you are using this style of planner, you can't pass up this sticker kit; it's just perfect! 



Memory Keeping Sticker Kit



The Silent Moon Memory Keeping Sticker Kit has the larger stickers and is geared toward memory keeping in a planner or other formats. I love that there are pocket card designs from the Silent Moon Modern Memory Keeping Kit scaled down to a 2x3 inch sticker format. I'll let you in a secret, I use this sticker kit in ALL my planners! I love to mix up the scale of stickers and find this sticker kit is perfect for embellishment clusters. Here I've created my January intro page in my memory planner. 


Planning Tip: Mix it Up!




You will get more mileage out of your stickers if you ignore the rules and use them in whatever format work for you! There is no specific sticker formatted for the Silent Moon Personal Size Inserts so why not use all of them in this planner? Don't worry, the planner police won't come for you! 


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator