Planning for Fun and Function with Stickers!

Planning for Fun and Function with Stickers!
Hello, friends! We love stickers for embellishing our planning pages. But stickers can also actually help with functional planning, too!  

Kimberly Oedevoken: Standard Dori Planning with Stickers

If you saw my post about using the color-block weekly pages, then you know I love to utilize these pages every month. I‚Äôm going to be completely honest when I tell you that running out of stickers actually inspired this page.¬† I usually start my next month's kit midway through the previous one.¬† Utilizing all 5 weeks of color stripe pages got me to the end of my Christmas season.¬† But I ran out of the same numbered sticker circles to finish out this week. With the help of these icon stickers from the Frost & Frolic Add-on Sticker Kit and holiday ones from the Frost & Frolic Planner Kit, I could finish out the week by adding a little more holiday cheer to my page.   Having these blank planner pages in my Standard Size Dori really helps me plan each day with some flexibility.¬† This day I divided work and home tasks with the alpha stickers from the¬†Frost & Frolic Add-on Sticker Kit. Each work task has a page flag checklist dot, dividing each whole one into 3 pieces.¬† I took the ring reinforcers from the Frost & Frolic Planner Kit as decoration or additional checklists as the day progresses and the inside circle of each was added to the O‚Äôs for some extra holiday cheer.   Dividing the last 2 pages of the Dori into Holiday shopping and prep pages will help me stay more organized.¬† I started by making boxes using the rounded end of the highlighter from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit and added stickers from the same kit to note what each box was designated for. Stickers connect the boxes for a more fluid feel and it's always a good idea to add a page flag checklist to keep me up to date. The facing page has the washi, alphas, and stickers from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit. I also used the highlighter again to work on lists for the ever-important Shopping lists. Stay cozy and I will see you all in the New Year with many more inspirational planner setups to come.  

Rachel Newman: Stickers for Monthly Pages

When it comes to the monthly spread in my Frost & Frolic Classic Inserts, I use stickers for a variety of purposes. But the most important purpose is signaling important events. Here are three ways I accomplish this with stickers. 1. Alpha stickers. I love using the Alpha stickers to signal very important events like travel plans. Here, I used the puffy alphas from the Frost & Frolic Traveler's Notebook Memory-Keeping Kit to mark the place we are traveling. The alpha stickers from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit are perfect for airport codes.  2. Labels. The labels that come in the Frost & Frolic Memory Keeping Sticker Kit and the Frost & Frolic Classic Sticker Kit can be used to mark other events throughout the month. The color border draws attention to the box signaling to your brain "Hey! Look at this! It's important!" 3. Icons. I love using icons for things I want to remember, especially due dates like rent, utilities, etc. I have both of these bills on auto-pay, but it is nice to see exactly when those payments are happening. Once you have all the functional stickering completed, then you can just have fun. On days I know are more relaxed, I like adding embellishment to the blank space. As the month progresses, I can come back and add more decoration, too! Share your sticker strategies with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator