Planner Setups with Frost & Frolic

Hello, friends! It is always so fun to see the planner setups with each collection, don't you think? Let's see how the Creative Team used the Frost & Frolic Collection to gussy up their planners!  

Kimberly Oedekoven: Standard Dori Planner Setup

  As we close out this year with the cheerful Frost & Frolic Collection, I‚Äôm so pleased to bring you my last planner set up for 2022!¬† There are so many little delights in this Frost & Frolic Planner Kit, I can‚Äôt wait to show you how I put it together this month. A pair of coordinating insert covers also with a pair of snowmen.¬† On the left, I used the blue background paper and diagonally sliced one of my leftover pieces of paper spaced in a grid format, topped off with a journal card from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit.¬† The right-hand side has a more horizontal feel with a divided snowflake sticky note flanking more paper cast-offs, topped with a few of the Snowflakes from the Frost & Frolic Classified Planner Kit. I started making this stripped insert cover cutting off the tops of each of the packaging stripes from the Frost & Frolic Collection. Originally I had planned to do a lollypop theme with the stripes being the sticks and the motifs being the pop part but I settled on more of a carousel feel with all the trinkets and bobbles of the holiday shifting up and down throughout the Holiday.¬† A combination of stickers and die cuts from the Frost & Frolic Planner Kit and Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit that anyone would love to have in their stocking really give this paper a festive feel. You can see my process in this Instagram Reel. On this last insert cover, I enlarged each of the three slits on the planner clip packaging from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On kit and¬†added another slit so I could weave the ripped plaid paper through it.¬† I simply covered up the Cocoa Daisy logo with 4 stickers and added a quote from the Frost & Frolic Add-On Sticker kit to finish things up. I wish you all the best holiday greetings wherever this post finds you!    

Natasha Pytlik: B6 Discs Planner Setup

It’s pretty hard to believe that we are at the end of 2022 and December is here. With a new month here, it’s time to set up my planner with the Frost & Frolic Collection!
I’ve been really enjoying the b6 size, especially as I am working on utilizing both the weekly AND the daily inserts. Plus, working in a discbound system makes it very convenient to take out the daily sheet and have it side by side with my weekly spread.
For my setup this month, I have a few favorite components:
First up, my dashboards which might not be a surprise to some of you as this is where I have the most fun and get to stretch my creativity in coming up with cute and simple designs. I especially loved my “notes” section divider that I created using the patterned paper scraps to make a Christmas tree.
My absolute favorite is my divider for my “weekly” section! This card from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit is always such a point of inspiration for me for each collection so it felt good to put it from and center. I made it extra special with the repeated mug stamping detail as well as the tiny word stickers from the Frost & Frolic Memory Keeping Sticker Kit.
Secondly, this month I really enjoyed incorporating the small ribbon bow paperclips from the Frost & Frolic Classified Planner Kit as well as the Page Marker Magnet clip found in the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit. With my DIY clear planner cover, there are no pockets to decorate so I found the perfect home for them as my page finders. I selected a few of my favorite journal cards from the Frost & Frolic Modern Memory Keeping Kitand the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit, punched them with my arc punch added a tab from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit. Next, I nestled the clip onto the card.
Since I will be working on documenting special holiday moments, I designated a special section within the two-page graph pages for “December Moments.” I know having this spot to jot down some notes of the daily details will serve as a great reminder when I set out to do my memory planning spreads.
To embellish these sections of my planner pages, I used an eclectic mix of stamps from Frost & Frolic Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, as well as past months. Including rub-ons from the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit provided the perfect final touches. Finding a balance of pretty and functional planning to cultivate an intentional life, especially with the busy season ahead of us is so satisfying.
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator