Customize It with the Frost & Frolic Collection

Customize It with the Frost & Frolic Collection
Hello, friends! One of the best parts about a new collection is seeing all the customization made with the kit items. We have two ideas that we think you will love!

Natasha Pytlik: Customizing for Health Management in Your Planner

The holidays aren‚Äôt always merry and bright- at times they can be super challenging. I am a huge advocate for not only having fun expressing your creativity within your planner pages but also having your planner serve and help you be your best self, whatever that looks like for you! For me, customizing my planner to create space for my mental and physical health is important. As I know I tend to struggle on and off throughout the holiday season, especially in managing my mental health and chronic illness/ chronic pain. This month, I decided to create a custom mini planner pocket insert to hold a few affirmations that I can turn to throughout the month. I used packaging from the Frost & Frolic Collection¬†as the structure of the pocket insert. The thick packaging cardstock is nice and strong. I adhered a trimmed-down glassine bag to the front of the cardstock and embellished it with washi tape and an adhesive die cut. For my affirmations cards, I trimmed down the sticky notes that are found in the Frost & Frolic Planner Kit. As I am still working on building confidence and creating my own affirmations, I turned to Google and Instagram for some inspiration. I selected a few that spoke to me and jotted each one down on its own card. To give the trimmed-down sticky a more formalized look, I added one of the small tabs found in the Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit to each affirmation. No matter if you give affirmations a try this holiday season or not, I highly encourage you to jot down in your planner a few phrases or activities that help calm you down and recenter you. It‚Äôs important that even in busy seasons, we take care of ourselves.  

Jennie McGarvey: B6 Customized Christmas Planner

Hello!  I'm so excited to share with you how I've used the Frost & Folic B6 Daisy Dori.  This isn't totally a hack, but to me​ it is.  I think of things pretty much the way they are designed.  So, this is a step outside the way it was designed.

I've set this up as a Christmas journal/planner.  Each year, I use all kinds of things to document this information.  I document gifts, lists of potential gifts, dinners, etc. I decided to use this incredible kit to put this all together and I'm so excited about it.

[gallery size="full" columns="2" link="none" ids="864786,864787,864790,864785"]

At this point, I set up simple pages so that I can use these pages as a framework in the future days and I'm so excited to have this set up! I have added stamping, layering, and alphabet stickers on these pages.  All of the kits came in handy for this - I found that using the Frost & Frolic Planner Kit, Frost & Frolic Planner Add-On Kit, and Frost & Frolic Modern Memory Keeping Kit was perfect for the decoration.

[gallery columns="2" size="full" link="none" ids="864781,864788"]  

I cannot wait to use this all throughout the month!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator