Plan Your Way: Autumn Thicket Collection

Plan Your Way: Autumn Thicket Collection
Hello, friends! Planning with the Autumn Thicket Collection has never been easier, and cozy! With the redesigned Autumn Thicket Daisy Dori Inserts, customization is all yours!

Sian Carter: A5 Daisy Dori

I felt like I was taking a nature stroll on a sunny crisp fall afternoon using the decorative sticker sheets and die cuts from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit, and Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit. Each page of the Autumn Thicket A5 Daisy Dori Insert has the beautiful Autumn Thicket artwork so no matter how you plan to compose your weekly spread you are immersed in a beautiful fall day. The versatility of redesigned Daisy Dori is unmatched. I feel like each page meets the needs of my plans. The Autumn Thicket A5 Daisy Dori Insert includes¬†pages with the most beautiful color blocking for each day of the week in stunning autumnal hues with plenty of wiggle room on the left-hand side in lined paper. There are 5 of these spreads at the beginning of the inserts and I‚Äôm using them as pre-planning pages to assist me in getting ahead of schedule. I recently moved so I appreciate all this extra space to draft my week and get back on track. The rest of the insert pages are convenient grid pages with gorgeous artwork headers and corners, making it super easy to layer the stickers and washi tape. I reserved the ‚Äúthings to do'' tabbed section of my planner for weekly spreads that I refer to each day to solidify my posting schedule and jot down daily to-do‚Äôs such as a reply to this brand, create this piece of content, and more to keep my planner Instagram account organized. As you can see, I loved using the die cut and functional elements to create a balanced weekly spread, which is effortless to do with your monthly Autumn Thicket Planner Kit and Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit.  

Kimberly Oedevoken: Standard Daisy Dori Planning   I have been a daily planner ever since I started. The changes to the Autumn Thicket Daisy Dori Inserts have really opened up the realm of possibilities on how to lay out my day! So much so that every single day can be creatively different.¬† Here are 3 different ways I used this new layout! Starting with a vertical Daily page with time on one side and a to-do list on the other. This is a classic and very routine way of planning your day.¬† I did take the sticky note that was given to us in the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit, removed the top and placed part of it in the header section, and adhered the remainder of it as a checkoff list. Simple, effective, and easy way to time block for your most efficient of days. I tend to love a day on two pages. Enough to play and plan at the same time.¬† I loved decorating with all the beautiful die cuts and stickers from the Autumn Thicket Collection but I also want enough room for time blocking, to-do lists, gratitude, and meal planning. Of course, you can make it your own with whatever sections you need on a particular day. The other difference in the redesigned Autumn Thicket Daisy Dori Inserts is the addition of a weekly spread on color-block paper.¬† Of course, this can be solely for laying out the week, which is what I have done.¬† It not only has the timed event of the week, but it also gives me an opportunity to set the tone with goals and thoughts to focus on the lined paper.¬† I have also used this lined section in previous weeks as a brain dump for uncategorized tasks or thoughts that need to find a home later. I can‚Äôt be more thrilled with the changes made to the inserts not only for my planning but also for the space to create whatever I want in the wide open space. Enjoy playing in these redesigned inserts!   Share your planner spreads with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator