Setting Up Your Planner for October

Setting Up Your Planner for October
Hello, friends! Today, we have some more planner setups to share with you! If you love traveler's notebooks, then you will definitely want to see these gorgeous setups!

Kim Oedekoven: Customized Covers

[embed][/embed] As usual, I set up my Standard TN with 3 notebook covers that reflect the theme and designs of the kit. There were three things in particular from the Autumn Thicket Collection that I took inspiration from.
For this first particular cover,  I was inspired by the dried plants and flowers that appeared on the stickers.  It harkened back to a time when those who harvested plants and flowers for teas, medicinals, and crafting, took to drying these cuts upside down.  The rough cut washi, wrapped around the journal card log was the perfect home for my hanging harvest.

On this particular journal card from the Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit, I noticed that the scribble decoration ended as the edge of the card did. Taking my crystal pen, I continued the scratching on the paper with the same print at a different scale design as the journal card.  Looks so naturally intentional.

Sometimes the simplest of things are the inspiration. This monochromatic paper from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit is the key to my third cover. That burnt umber buffalo check ties in great with the October focal point from the coordinating Pocket Cards from the Autumn Thicket Modern Memory Keeping Kit. Add to that, a separation from the two with an additional monocratic split journal card.
Of course, I do tend to embellish the back of each Travelers Notebook cover so that the fun doesn‚Äôt end when you get to the end! I hope you can find the joy and inspiration in each kit as much as the designers of the Autumn Thicket Collection have done when they assembled all these beautiful colors of the season now upon us. Cheers to Fall wherever you may be!  

Sian Carter: A5 Daisy Dori Set-up

This month I have officially moved my social media planner into my A5 Daisy Dori inserts and I could not have been more inspired by Cocoa Daisy’s October theme “Autumn Thicket.” I’m the biggest fan of a strong seasonal theme and the Autumn Thicket Collection delivered gold! The Autumn Thicket Planner Kit comes with the perfect accessories to customize your planner inside and out. We all love stuffing our planner pockets with inspirational quote cards, sticky pads, and charm clips. I tucked the adorable Autumn prep sticky pad on top of the acrylic bookmark inside the front pocket of my A5 traveler’s notebook, along with the gorgeous bead clip with the on-theme mushroom charm. At the top of my planner, I have the matching mushroom embroidery clip peeking out from the Planner Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit, which by the way is an absolute must! Inside my planner October set-up, I have 3 inserts: a small grid notebook from the Autumn Thicket Classified: Planner Kit, a supplemental notebook from Amazon, and the Autumn Thicket A5 Daisy Dori Inserts. The Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit included the most convenient adhesive pockets that I added to the cover of my supplemental lined notebook and the inside cover I made for my inserts using one of the sheets of folded paper you get in the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit. One of my favorite things each month is curating which tabs I want for my inserts. This month instead of having them on the side I moved them to the top and I’m in love! The Autumn Thicket Planner Kit includes the perfect number of adhesive-backed tabs, but you always get more with the Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit. The tabs I wanted for my social media planner this month are
  • Month at a glance
  • Top priorities (for pre-planning ahead of schedule)
  • Things to do (for weekly spreads)
  • October Goals
  • Trackers (for social media checklists, growth tracking, and rep tracking)
  • Stuff to buy (for new releases and a list of small businesses I love)
  • Notes
Not only did the Autumn Thicket Collection make it effortless to create a set-up for this month with a strong seasonal theme but I feel so motivated to open my planner every day.   Are you loving your planner setup this month? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator