Autumn Thicket Journaling and Memory Keeping

Autumn Thicket Journaling and Memory Keeping
Hello, friends! After sharing several inspirational planner setups and spreads this week, it's time to talk about memory keeping and creative journaling with the Autumn Thicket Collection

Jil Larson: Simple Dori Memory-Keeping

My notebook spread focuses on fall favorites here at the beginning of October. I really enjoyed reflecting on why I love this season so much! The page I chose for my background is so artsy and beautiful, and I selected a photo of me in one of those big, cozy sweaters I journal about, with fall phrase stickers stacked below the selfie. I was in love with stickers for this page and ended up using the clear ones in the Autumn Thicket Memory Keeping Sticker Kit to accompany and illustrate my journaling. The round chipboard piece from the Autumn Thicket Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit creates a title for my page, which I reinforced by stamping October, pairing it with a sticker and a bit of the plaid washi tape. I added black machine-stitching here and along the other side, over my die-cut tag, which I layered under another of the stickers. Besides the stitching, a little stamping along the edges adds texture. My finishing touch: enamel dots in three of the gorgeous colors included in the Autumn Thicket Collection. I journaled using copper ink in my fountain pen and clipped one of the delightful leaf clips on the top.   Creating this notebook layout was such a satisfying way to rejoice in the season‚Äîhope you‚Äôre having just as much fun with this beautiful¬†Autumn Thicket Simple Dori and coordinating kit elements!  

Jennifer Crowder: Bible Journaling

I've found that it's the PERFECT size for journaling (LOTS of room!) and makes a fantastic Bible journaling companion. The Autumn Thicket Planner Dashboard Kit makes decorating the Autumn Thicket A5 Daisy Doria snap because everything is already the correct size.   I dedicated the stripe pages in this insert to daily gratitude. The date flags from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit look SOOOO good, don't you think? Of course, every kit in the Autumn Thicket Collection coordinates, so pick your favorite planner or memory-keeping subs and mix and match. The grid pages serve several purposes for me this month. One is used as a Bible reading log so I can easily see what topics I've studied. Another page is dedicated to a reflection; we studied Jude in small groups and used the alpha stickers to set up a reflection page with a key scripture. I also love how portable this size is. I can easily toss it in my purse and pull it out for journaling/notes during our Sunday sermon. Planning Tip: pick up a set of the Cocoa Daisy Custom Mildliners; they coordinate perfectly with so many kits. Check out this Instagram Reel to see the full setup!  

Amy Argyros: Daisy Dori Memory Keeping  
Today I thought I would share how I set up a memory-keeping journal using the Autumn Thicket A5 Daisy Dori. I’m loving the redesign of the Daisy Dori Booklet! The Dori Booklets still feature the beautiful Cocoa Daisy artwork we all know and love. Still, I feel like the new setup provides more flexibility and more opportunity for customization - not only for planners but memory keepers as well!
With the new redesign this month I decided to try a new setup, and I am very happy with the outcome. I knew I wanted my journal to have a home in a ring binder system. I wanted the flexibility to move pages around, add pages in and be able to add lots of character to my journal. So I started by disassembling the Autumn Thicket A5 Daisy Dori. I cut the pages apart, moved a few pages around, and inserted them into an A5 ring binder.
I created two sections - a Memory Planning section and a journaling section. I set up the Memory Planning section in a vertical format with two days on each page. At the beginning of each week, I have added a “This Week” column. This will be a great place to keep a weekly "currently" list, write a more detailed weekly reflection or highlight a story I may not plan on including in another memory-keeping project. Each day I will jot down notes, stamp and use stickers to record our daily memories.
One of the big changes in the design of the Daisy Booklets was the addition of the weekly striped pages (typically found in the Ring Page Inserts). By disassembling my booklet and cutting the pages apart, I was able to trim these pages down further (I took 1” off the left side) and place them in various spots throughout my memory planning pages. My thought a the moment is to use them for daily trackings - such as a health and fitness tracker. It could also be a great place to record daily gratitude or keep miscellaneous notes.
The journaling section of this notebook is where all the fun will be had. Without having the Dori pages divided into sections like the old design, I now have the freedom to set my pages up to fit the stories I want to tell. I currently have my journal pages set it up in such a way that I can record one story and include one photo for every day in October.
By setting up this journal in a ring binder I was able to scatter a variety of pocket page protector configurations throughout my journal section. This will provide me the opportunity to have a little fun, as well as incorporate products from the Autumn Thicket Modern Memory Keeping Kit, Autumn Thicket Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, and Autumn Thicket Classified: Memory Keeping Kit into my journal. I have already filled a 2x2 pocket with patterned paper from the memory-keeping kits and embellished them with chipboard, die cuts, enamel dots, and stickers from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit, Autumn Thicket Memory Keeping Sticker Kit, and Autumn Thicket Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit to create a space where I can document things I love about autumn.
The TN-sized pocket pages allow me to include patterned pages from the Autumn Thicket Simple Dori. I disassembled my Simple Dori and selected a few patterned pages that I thought would coordinate nicely with the existing Autumn Thicket A5 Daisy Dori. Not only do I now have more pages and space to add larger photos or multiple photos to some of my stories this month, but I have also added character and personalization to my memory-keeping journaling.
I hope you were able to find some inspiration in my memory-keeping journal setup. If you’re looking to start a journal I highly recommend trying an A5 Daisy Dori. If you would like to see how my journal comes together throughout the month be sure to follow me on Instagram, and if you would like to see more of my journal before the pen head on over to my YouTube Channel for a walk-through and more details on how I set up this memory keeping journal.

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator