Plan With Me: Dandelion Wishes

Plan With Me: Dandelion Wishes

Hello, friends!

Planning in the Daisy Dori couldn't be easier or more customizable. Let's take a look at a planner style you may want to try out!

Kim Oedekoven: Streamlining Weekly Planning  

If you're like me, sometimes I hate rewriting what I already put down. The way I constructed this week's schedule in my Dandelion Wishes Standard Daisy Dori minimized rewriting information. Yes, I did punch it for rings but you can do this with any size bound or unbound insert.


Starting on the left, I placed everyone with timed events and drew it out with our Zebra Click Art Pen from the Dandelion Wishes Planner Kit. Then, I placed all the events within the grid system.

Next, I sliced just enough so the names would show on the former page when a new blank one was inserted on the opposite side. This page can be reserved for must-do items for that day or anything you like.

When I am ready to turn the page on the day, I head to the top of the narrower page with stickers from the Dandelion Wishes Classified Planner Kit, draw your horizontal lines and you are ready to go! Now my to-do list might look a little sparse but after 2 days, don't worry, I'll fill it up!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator