5 Idea for the Daisy Dori Color Block Pages

5 Idea for the Daisy Dori Color Block Pages
Hello, friends! Do you find yourself stumped on how to utilize the color-block pages in the Daisy Dori? We're here to help! While the color block pages are great for planning, they are also perfect for memory keeping, journaling, lists, and habit tracking, too!  

Rachel Newman: Weeks Daisy Dori Color Block Pages

https://youtu.be/NybcBhYIFNc   Ah, the Daisy Dori, such a beautiful and versatile notebook. It is my favorite format to play around and try new planning styles, journaling, and memory keeping. More interesting than a blank notebook and more flexible than a structured planner. The color-block pages do provide some structure and opportunity to use in so many ways. I'm sharing five ideas that can be used for each week or used in combination.

1. Weekly Planning

  Setting up a weekly planner spread is a breeze with the Dandelion Wishes Planner Add-on Kit and Dandelion Wishes Classic Sticker Kit. I'm using the Weeks Daisy Dori and have room for appointments, bills, and events on the color block pages and lists on the lined page. To date the week, I handwrote the numbers using the brush pen from the Dandelion Wishes Planner Add-on Kit.¬† Use the color block pages for weekly planning and the open grid pages for daily planning or notes!

2. Memory Keeping

I do most of my photo documenting in my memory planner. But I always have a few "misfit" photos. The Daisy Dori is the perfect home for these little moments. The small size of this format makes putting a spread together quick and fun. When I'm short on time but still want to create, I choose this format for a quick and fun crafty session. Head over to my Instagram to see me put this layout together.  

3. Photo/Journal Prompts

Sometimes, I need a little nudge to inspire my memory planning each week. On weeks like that, I make myself a photo prompt for each day. This can also double as a journaling prompt in my daily journal. To create the prompts, I used the small sticker sheet from the Dandelion Wishes Memory Keeping Sticker Kit.¬†I really liked the quote on this pocket card from the Dandelion Wishes Modern Memory Keeping Kit and backed it with paper from the collection.¬†  

4. Spring Cleaning Plan/List

Spring Cleaning has never looked so good! I was inspired to make this spread using the stickers Dandelion Wishes Planner Add-on Kit. I actually went through and removed the cleaning stickers that didn't apply to my life so as not to distract me from using the stickers that do apply to my life. I divided my week so that Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are dedicated to "Declutter and Purge" while the other days are focused on cleaning tasks. This spread could be used once or become a regular cleaning/decluttering schedule.¬†  

5. Health/Wellness Tracking

  One of my favorite ways to use the Daisy Dori is for health and wellness tracking. I have done this in several iterations (check out my YouTube to see!) but I love how simple yet comprehensive this style of health tracking this is! I can record food eaten, exercise, and hydration all one spread. I discovered that the monthly number stamps from the last few Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kits¬†were the perfect size for dating the days (though I did have to improvise on the 5, which will arrive with next month's kit). My hydration tracker is simple hash marks with a highlighter, but you could use a stamp like the one from the Bookish Planner Add-On Kit from last month or any checklist stamp.¬† I'm just scratching the surface of these beautiful pages! How do you use these pages? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator