Note Pad Holder Converted To A Mini Planner

When I saw the note pad holder from the To the Sea release, firstly I thought, SO DARN CUTE!  Then my brain got ticking.  I have a thing for micro planning and this is the perfect size and so I knew I had to get busy and get busy I got! I pop it into my bag as a on the go mini planner, but I still grab out my trusty old typewriter and try pre-plan a lot before doing so and sometimes if I remember I'll grab it out to continually add to the week or week ahead.  I know, it would be so much easier to just write things in right?  Look I do a little, but I just have a thing for the way a typewriter looks.  Even if there is no back space when I make a mistake, lol! Don't go throwing out the backing from packaging!  I have used them so many times for projects now.  In fact I would almost quote each kit so far.  I loved the wave design of this and the thickness was PERFECT to create the cover with. Created myself a little cover with some of the die cuts and the washi tape.  I loved each and every roll in the kits for July but my FAVE has to be the little fish.  Look right now being that I'm from Australia we are in winter, so creating with this kit gave me all the feels of wanting summer.  That washi tape will be coming back out in December for my summer, for sure! Most of these plans got either moved or cancelled as we found out that here where I am we were to go back into lock down and home learning.  But I think having them still there is a reminder and so I didn't go and re-print the insert, I left as is.  Some of them can still be done.  Now I'm going to share with you the week of 6th - 12th of July. A side note and something to keep in mind, the mini daisy dori is always a great fit for this note pad holder.  While this may be small it's a great little creative project to have and you can honestly use it for so much more.  Some idea such as :
  • Gratitude journal
  • Journal
  • Food tracker
  • Quotes
  • Ideas
  • Meal planner
  • Shopping list
There is so much you can jam pack into this little thing, once you start you'll love it!