DIY Calendar for Your Daisy Notebook

DIY Calendar for Your Daisy Notebook

Hello, friends!

Do you love the Daisy Notebook but are missing the two-page monthly spread that comes with the inserts? Be like our Creative Team Member, Kim, and make your own!


Kimberley Odekoven: DIY Calendar for the Daisy Notebook



While I appreciate the at a glance calendar on the first page of each of the dated Notebooks, I always am looking for something a bit bigger to write in. This January calendar I made is quite big in my own Standard Size Insert but it is going to be super helpful as the month moves on.



My idea was to use one of the Silent Moon Planner Kit papers as my base and chose this galaxy one because it pops off the white background of the notebook paper. I created a month with 5 x 5 grid squares on top of it using a paint marker and just added the dates and numbers from the Silent Moon Planner Kit.



Once designed, I installed it into my unstapled notebook. By taping another piece of the trimmed paper to the crease of the calendar, I created a joint in which to slide between the pages so I could place it anywhere .



Then there is always space for some add ons! On the extra supporting flap, I will put my January goals using the translucent dots and stickers from the Silent Moon Planner Sticker Kit. Happy 2024!


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