Memory Planning with Silent Moon Sticker Kits

Memory Planning with Silent Moon Sticker Kits

Hello, friends!

Don't let the New Year dampen you desire to memory plan the rest of 2023. Why not use the Silent Moon Collection to fill in those empty week with beautiful decor and all your wonderful memories! Today, one of our newest Creative Team members is sharing TWO weeks of memory planning with us that are sure to inspire you. 


Taina Cortes: Memory Planning with Silent Moon Sticker Kits


Hello my crafty friends! My name is Tai (Ty) and I am @momentstomemories.bytai on IG. For today’s layout, I am doing two layouts in my classic sized Happy Planner with a vertical layout. I am most comfortable in a vertical layout. I have tried the horizontal one in the past but I always come back to vertical. I have completed 5 years of memory planners. I am proud that I have these completed ever since I became a mom, this year I will have 6 completed memory planners.


These 2 layouts are from November, I am doing a little catch up. I fell behind a little this holiday season with it, but we can easily catch up. For my first week, I wanted to use more of the blue colors from the Silent Moon Modern Memory Keeping Kit and the Silent Moon Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. I usually cover up the far left side with patterned paper and the blue tone one was perfect.


I usually make a photo collage using the MOLDIV app, because it does not leave a watermark. I did a collage of 8 small photos from each week. This gives me tiny photos to use in my memory planner. I did the same for each week.

So I did 4 different cluster of photos with stickers and rub ons around them. On my second layout, I used more of the purple tones in the paper and embellishments. Both pages have 4 clusters of photos, stickers and rub ons. I think it easily lets your eyes travel around the pages and look at each grouping.


With the alphas in the Silent Moon Memory Keeping Sticker Kit I was able to make a few titles near each photo cluster as well. These alphas are the perfect size for my memory planner. I am in love with how both of these layouts turned out and will continue to catch up with the rest of the weeks. The color palette of the Silent Moon Collection is simply beautiful. Thank you for joining me for these two layouts in my memory planner


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