Planning for the New Year!

Planning for the New Year!

 Hello, friends!

We got a special extra in the Planner Kit to help you start planning for all the events, appointments and deadlines for 2024. Check out this fun hack to see how to make this little notebook work for you!


Kim Oedekoven: A6 Yearly Notebook Ideas


Indeed, It’s that time of year where we turn the page to a fresh beginning. Last year we received an A6 Planning Forward calendar and this year Cocoa Daisy has brought it back again in the Silent Moon Planner Kit. While I love the portability of this nifty helper, I want to showcase this beauty on my desktop.


I backed the piece of the Silent Moon Planner Kit paper by cutting 2 pieces of chipboard just shy of the width leaving the middle crease uncovered. I then punched 4 holes in the Planner that was sliced down the middle and corresponding ones in the chipboard as well. Lastly I added 2 threaded key chains to make it just like an old school desk calendar.



My favorite part has got to be the extra covered chipboard piece that I added 2 inches from the end. With a triangle piece behind for support, It now it sits propped up on my desk.



Since I took off the cover I wanted to repurpose it underneath on the bottom large flap. That way the calendar can still be propped up on my desk and I also have a place to write down important dates for the entire year as well. No flipping needed!

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