Let’s Go! Planning in the A5 Daisy Notebook

Let’s Go! Planning in the A5 Daisy Notebook


Hello, friends!

The versatility of the A5 Daisy Notebook means you can switch up your planning style every week, even every day if you want to!


Eliza Hall: Let’s Go Planning in the A5 Daisy Notebook



Hello Daisies! June is approaching and it’s time for vacations and summer travel. Who doesn’t like to travel and make memories? When you want some simple and quick planning, what better way to do it than to use the Let's Go A5 Daisy Notebook? The Let's Go Planner Kit comes with so many elements to use that I over-indulged in using stickers, labels, tags, and faux washi.



I love this weekly layout that I created by dividing the page into fourths. I love being able to see the week on one page and it helps me to stay a lot more organized. I started off using some transfer or rub-on stickers from the Let's Go Creative Kit. The quality is amazing. Then I added stickers from the Let's Go Planner Kit after deciding where to place my rub-on stickers.



I attempted to stick with a color scheme but that was hard to do. I wanted to incorporate some pink, so I found a guest receipt sticker to give the page a softer tone. Then I added labels from the Let's Go Planner Kit to each day and used the alpha stickers to label the days of the week. I also added the “tracker” sticker at the bottom because this week I’ll be focusing on my water intake.


I fell in love with my layout in Let’s Go! All the stickers and ephemera pieces are so amazing and I had such a fun time creating this fitness layout. Happy planning!


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