Kit Feature: Autumn Whispers Planner Kit

Kit Feature: Autumn Whispers Planner Kit


Hello, friends!

Today we are featuring the Autumn Whispers Planner Kit. It has everything you need for a fabulous planner setup!


Kim Oedekoven: Autumn Whispers Planner Kit



My planner is my place to retreat and find joy in the making.  I LOVE setting up a the whole month one time so I can enjoy being in there daily with no stress of facing an undated or blank page when I’m ready to turn to a new day.  This month in addition to my normal setup, I’ve decided to make the little bits I have left over surprise me when I turn the page.    




Inside this little fall favorite spot I put in few little trinkets. I did take a piece of notepaper off the Autumn Whispers Planner Kit notepad and adhered it to the inside. This is where I will write just a few of my fall must haves- like candle scents and candy favorites. I also added some sticky notes from the Autumn Whispers Classified Planner Kit.  With that little chipmunk, who could resist!?  




And speaking of cuteness, this journal card when attached to this little scrap creates a pleasant place to put down some fall memories.  Adding a border with the highlighter included in Autumn Whispers Planner Kit draws me in to make sure I write about the little moments that make the fall so special to me and my family.



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