Get Creative Daily with a Scrap Journal!

Get Creative Daily with a Scrap Journal!

Hello, friends!

Would you like to incorporate a creative habit in your daily routine? Why not try a scrap journal using one of the Daisy Mini Notebooks? The small size creates a mini canvas with no pressure and lots of fun! 




When it comes to crafting, a little bit can go a long way. That’s why I set up this scrap journal so that I can squeeze creative time everyday. I work on these pages for 10-15 minutes using a daily prompt written on the weekly color block pages of this Autumn Whispers Mini Daisy Notebook to guide me. 



Sometimes, I do a prompt per page and other times I’ll do a full spread with one prompt. There are no rules! For the left page, the prompt was “2x2” grid, that I put together using stickers from the Autumn Whispers Classic Sticker Kit. The right side prompt was “torn paper” and I set to work tears papers scraps from the the Simple Daisy Notebook that I had taken apart and trimmed the pages to different sizes for other projects (see the video here!). On top of the paper, I placed a “misfit” photo from last fall to complete the page.




This prompt was “one photo” and I had the perfect misfit photo from last year that went perfect with the fall illustrations on the page. I was able to utilized the collection card on the right page and embellished with washi strips and stickers. Such a lovely little page, don’t you agree?

I can’t wait to share this notebook once it’s filled with daily crafty fun!


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator