Journaling with the Spice Market Collection

Journaling with the Spice Market Collection
Hello, friends! There are many ways to journal using the Spice Market Collection. Whether it is to strengthen your faith, as a meditative practice, or for memory keeping, this collection will help you document your thought and embellish your pages.

Jennifer Crowder: Bible Journaling

Journaling is one of those things that changes for me every time I sit down to do it. It's different from planning for several reasons; I don't have a set system, I don't do it every day and it seems to come from a different place in my mind and soul. It's more of a creative outlet for me and I love that I can sit down with the Spice Market Bible Journaling Kit and sit with God and my thoughts. As a bonus, I usually reach for my coordinating Cocoa Daisy kits to add just a bit more to my spreads.

I love when the Cocoa Daisy kits come with a Mildliner like this one from the Afternoon Tea Planner Add-on Kit! They work so well in all of my Bibles; they don't bleed through the thin pages and are bright enough to draw attention to key verses but mild enough that they don't take away from the pages and stickers. Speaking of Mildlinders, have you checked out the latest EXCLUSIVE Cocoa Daisy Custom Mildliner set? They make a great addition for when you need a more neutral color palette.

The Spice Market Planner Dashboard Kit is a perfect companion kit for journaling! For this spread, I taped the personal size dashboard to the top of the page with some washi tape.

I also added a tab from the Spice Market Planner Kit to the bottom of the dashboard and added a sticker label. These dashboards add only pops of decoration to my Bible pages, but give me a private place to add my thoughts and notes; simply turn the dashboard over and add your journaling.
Stickers are my go-to for filling in the sidebar journaling section in my Bible; the Spice Market Bible Journaling Kit offers a variety of labels, decorative stickers, and transparent stickers that are fun to use and make Bible journaling super quick and easy!

Save your ribbon paper clips and bow clips! They are absolutely perfect for marking your current journaling spot or favorite scripture pages.

Natasha Pytlik: Journaling in Creative Meditation Journal

I love using my Cocoa Daisy kits in my morning creative meditation journal. During the work week, I typically do not have an extended amount of time to get creative, but with the Cocoa Daisy Sticker Kits, I can make a significant impact in a short amount of time. During the week, I use the Spice Market Memory Keeping Sticker Kit along with the Spice Market Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit to embellish my pages along with my journaling and mantra for the day. On the weekends, when I have more time during my morning creative meditation practice, I will go back to my journal pages and add some stamping details.

Using the stamp set from the Spice Market Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, I stamped the mandala stamps on top of the plates from the sticker kits along with a few from the Spice Market Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. With both gray and black ink, I layered the stamping directly on top of the existing embellishment. I love how this took the dishes and bowls to another level- playing into all of the beautiful patterns within the Spice Market Collection. For this process, I recommend using die ink so it absorbs into the glossy surface of the sticker paper.

To add whimsy, I also used a floral leaf element from the Dandelion Wishes Stamp Set, available in the Cocoa Daisy Store. When I have journal spreads with lots of colors, I always like to add some more black and white details to my pages for balance. If your time is limited like mine, consider breaking up the creative portion of your journaling into more than one session.

I hope seeing a bit about how I approach my journaling helps you reframe your thinking to challenge the thought of not having enough time in the morning to add to a journal.

Karma Isis-Clark: Journaling for Memory Keeping

I got my start in the planning world through journaling. My first Hobonichi was an A6 English format planner and from there I was hooked. I now plan daily in a Hobonichi cousin and Hobonichi weeks, but I never lost my love and hobby for journaling. I still journal regularly in an adorable little A6 blank notebook.

Here are a couple of recent pages that commemorate a super fun luncheon I recently held at work. I wanted to play on the blues from the Spice Market Collection since my memory on this spread was for a blue shirt luncheon. Our colleague is moving to Plano next week, and he loves to wear blue shirts, so we all honored him with his favorite work “uniform.” The Spice Market Collection has so many cute elements that evoke good. It’s perfect to embellish my memories of my job in a gourmet grocery store.
 I took pieces from several kits to make this 2-page spread – some unconventional for journaling! I used pages from the notepad and the stickie notes from the Spice Market Planner Kit, to serve as frames for the picture and title. I used the blue washi tape from the Spice Market Classified: Planner Kit to border the tip-in page where I used a dashboard from the Spice Market Planner Dashboard Kit and trimmed it to create a cover/flip-up for my journaling thoughts.
I love how the layer came together on this page. I used an unused portion of the Spice Market Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit to create a quote bottom border. I love to play with stickers from kits possibly intended for other planners or books in new ways!
Under the dashboard tip-in, I made note of my memories and added a few more stickers from the Spice Market Planner Kit and Spice Market Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit again.
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator