Grid Designs with the Koi Pond Collection

Grid Designs with the Koi Pond Collection
Hello, friends! Sometimes, a clean, simple grid is all you need to get those creative juices flowing! Ashley loves grid designs for their versatility. Grid Designs have always been one of my go-to's. I love that you can reuse a grid design, but change things up and have infinite looks. My inspiration for this TN layout started with the 3x4 journaling cards from the Koi Pond Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I don't use journaling cards for Project Life spreads, so I'm always looking for other ways to incorporate them into my projects. I decided to offset two of the cards on each side of my TN layout, and then add my photos above and below them. This gave me the base for my grid design, and then I was able to work from there to add in my embellishments from the Koi Pond Modern Memory Keeping Kit and the Koi Pond Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. Another thing I really love about grid designs is symmetry. So, I kept all of my die-cut alphas and embellishments symmetrical to create a cohesive look on the layout.   Amy loves grid layouts for projects with multiple photos.
I love grid layouts! They bring a sense of organization to my layouts. Products, such as papers, photos, journaling, and embellishments, can be easily placed within each cell - or span over multiple cells creating a sense of columns and/or rows. It also makes for a great design option when you have several photos you want to include on your layout, as I have done in the layout I am sharing today highlighting some of my favorite June moments. I created a grid layout in my June composition notebook, which I made using the papers found in Koi Pond Classified: Memory Keeping Kit. Folded in half, these patterned papers make a nice, composition-style notebook (6.5”x8.5”). I printed dot grid pages to add to my notebook. To create the grid for this layout, I used the dot grid paper as a guide to lightly outline my grid on each page in pencil. I was able to make each cell roughly 2”x2’’ in size and started with a total of nine cells per page.
I selected a 6”x8.5” pattern paper from the Koi Pond Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and cut 2”x2” squares to fit into a few of the cells. I scattered them around my layout before I began adding my photos. I started on the left page by adhering the paper and photos in the center column, then worked to the left, and then came back to the right, so that I could be sure to get everything evenly spaced. I selected die cuts from the Koi Pond Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. Koi Pond Classified: Memory Keeping Kit and the Koi Pond Modern Memory Keeping Kit to embellish my layout.
On the right page, I adhered pattern paper to the cells in the left column first. I wanted to be sure my journaling, which spanned across two cells, wasn’t placed too high for the die cut I selected to “hang” my lanterns off from, so I lightly placed my journaling in the center column and adhered a die cut to the upper right cell before I permanently adhered it in place. I then added my photo and pattern paper to the cells in the right-hand column and added my lantern die cuts. I then added my title using the die cut alphas and a stamp from the Koi Pond Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, which also spanned across two cells of my grid layout.
Once I had all my photos, patterned papers, and die cuts in place, I made sure all my pencil marks had been erased and I drew in some lines for the lanterns and a flight path for the dragonfly. I added a few pink glitter enamel dots from the Koi Pond Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and finally decided to add foam adhesive to three die cuts to help give my layout a little dimension. I love that this grid layout allowed me to tell a story, include multiple photos, and scatter quite a few die cuts throughout the layout all while maintaining a sense of organization that does not leave my eyes overwhelmed. If you haven’t tried using a grid layout, try making one today! Check out this video to see this layout up close!
Natasha comes back to a grid layout in her memory planner because it makes documenting a snap!
Creating a grid layout in my Cocoa Daisy Daisy Planner is one of my favorite go-to layout “formulas” to use! I use different “formulas” or approaches each week in my memory planner to help me stay consistent. It’s of course an excellent opportunity to use all of the stunning journal cards from each collection but also it gives me an opportunity to mix things up.
I mostly use a grid design layout in my memory planner for the weeks that I have very few photos. As you can see in this layout, I only have three photos from the week. Creating a grid with large elements like journal cards helps fill the space and provide beautiful embellishment. You can even create a "pocket page" layout right onto the planner pages.
To keep things visually interesting my two main tips for you are to diversify the type of cards or tags that are being used in your layout. I really like using the large tags from the Koi Pond Classified: Memory Keeping Kit in my grid style layouts in my memory planner. My second step for keeping things visually interesting is to use different embellishments that cascade off the journal card and onto the page. I do love a grid but I also like the organic flow of these details. A big thing for me is giving myself permission to mix things up each week in my Daisy Planner; that way I am consistent no matter the format I am relying on. I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can approach your memory planning layouts using a grid-style layout.
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator