Tip Tuesday: Smaller Papers on Large Layouts

Tip Tuesday: Smaller Papers on Large Layouts

Hello, friends!

It's Tip Tuesday and we have another great idea to take your memory-keeping to the next level! 

Traci Reed: Tip Tuesday




There’s something truly magical about creating a gorgeous and dynamic layout using just a few supplies. Today, I’ve got some tips for stretching your scrapbooking stash by crafting a stunning 9x12 layout using just one piece of patterned paper, along with stamps, puffy stickers, and a journal card or two from the Take Flight Modern Memory Keeping Kit!


First, let’s talk about the power of one piece of patterned paper. With the right choice, a single sheet can set the tone for your entire layout. On my page, I took the paper that comes with patterned stripes and cut each stripe out to form its own paper strip, then distressed the edges for extra texture. I then placed them across my 9x12 piece of cardstock horizontally, using them as a mat for my photo and journal card “title.”

But here’s where the real magic happens: the composition. We’re going to play with the idea of right justification, anchoring our design to one side of the page. This creates a sense of balance and stability, providing a solid foundation for our whimsical scene. But just because we’re anchored doesn’t mean we’re static. Oh no, we’re soaring! By arranging our elements in a way that mimics the movement of hot air balloons rising into the sky, we create a dynamic flow that draws the eye upward, capturing the joy and excitement of adventure.

To create maximum impact, I mixed and matched the Take Flight Stamp Sets with puffy stickers from the  Take Flight Modern Memory Keeping Kit to create stunning dimensions that wouldn’t be boring visually to the eye. The combination of black stamping and colorful puffy stickers was the perfect complement to the distressed paper strips. Lastly, I cut labels from a journaling card and distressed the edges to match, then I staggered them in among the hot air balloons and birds so they would feel grounded in the composition and not detract.

So there you have it, a masterclass in making magic with minimal supplies. With just one piece of patterned paper, stamps, puffy stickers, and a journal card, you can create a breathtaking 9x12 layout that captures the imagination and tells a story of adventure and joy. So go ahead, let your creativity take flight, and see where the winds of inspiration carry you. Happy crafting!


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