Five Favorite Products For January.

Five Favorite Products For January.

Hello lovely Daisies! It's Kylie on the blog with you today, sharing five of my favorite products for January. Let's be real though.....It is really hard to choose just five. I just love everything about the 'New Chapter' kits. However, after planning in my A5 for a few weeks now, there are a couple of items I wanted to share with you, as my extra special favorites and how they have featured in my month.

These appear in no particular preference of order, my first favorite items are these gorgeous embroidered Birdie patches that were from the Classified Planner Kit I've added them decoratively throughout my planner on some of the dividers and dashboards. Don't you just love them?? These were so cute, I almost wanted to hoard them forever and not use them, but I am glad I did as they make me feel so happy seeing them fly or sit on my pages.

Next up on my list of five are the January printables. I have always been a huge fan of the printables each month. They are a lovely extra addition used with the subscription kits and find not only are they functional but the creative possibilities with them are endless! I've used some of the pencils to create a pencil tin pocket on the back of a divider. I also fussy cut out the cloud and bird border to add to the background.

I also created this divider from a printable adhered to some of the January paper. The pink pom-pom trim was from my craft stash and added a nice texture to the edge.

Another firm favorite for the month has to be the exclusive paper printable. I love the rainbow of colours ! For something different I actually printed mine onto some vellum and cut it down to A5 size to create another decorative 'tip in' or divider in my planner. After I had added it to my pages, I thought it would of been fun to fold in half and make a pocket from it as well. Maybe that's an idea for my set up next month!

Next up, I'm giving a shout out to the super adorable TN Memory Keeping cards from the TN Memory Keeping Kit. These are a relatively new product and I am totally smitten as they look adorable in my planner too. I have used them a few ways for January, the first being as a page mark or slim divider. The second way (which you will see in a moment,) is to add journaling to. Once punched, they are the perfect height for my A5 planner.

Rounding out my favorite five list is the Cocoa Daisy stamps. Firstly the 4 x 6 Alpha stamps. I love to use Alpha stickers or Alpha stamping in my planner pages and these particular stamps have a wonderful slim line design to them. They look great for adding a title, highlighting an important reminder or using as a date stamp too!

A second stamp set I love is the squiggly circles which was also found in the TN Memory Keeping kit. I have used these for documenting some goal lists for January in my planner. (As I mentioned before this was another way I used those TN Memory Keeping cards.) I used the squiggly circles as a decorative background for a functional purpose of adding point marks.I have numbered each goal using the numbered coffee cup stickers from the Planner Add On Kit.

I also filmed a short video for the month which shows how I like to include pocket pages in my A5 planner as a 'mood' or storyboard. See if you can spot some of my favorite products!


So there you have it friends, my favorite five for January. I hope you have enjoyed seeing which products I have been loving the most and it inspires you a little with your own planning. Thanks for stopping by!