Finished Favorites Friday: Bookish Collection

Finished Favorites Friday: Bookish Collection
Hello friends! We hope you enjoyed the Bookish Collection and using it in all your crafty projects. We have a slightly different post today sharing a look at my favorite finished projects using this collection. Spoiler: There are quite a few!  

Rachel Newman: Finished Favorites with the Bookish Collection   The Bookish Collections stole my heart with its vibrant colors, illustrations, and fun extras I wanted to see its beauty in all my paper crafting projects. This collection's elements blessed the pages of my planners, journals, memory planner, and memory keeping. Here's a look at a few favorites from the past month.  


The Bookish Classic Vertical Inserts are stunning on their own, but I had so much fun adding the Bookish Memory Keeping Stamp Sets to make my sections and even create a stamped cluster on the weekend for my love of March Madness College Basketball. The tracker stamp from the Bookish Planner Add-On Kit made the perfect checklist and will definitely be using this stamp for future spreads! I also fussy cut the St Patricks Day decoration from on the pocket cards from the Bookish Modern Memory Keeping Kit. The monthly spread in my Print Pression B6 Daily Planner was the perfect place to add all my flat embellishments like rub-ons, stamps, washi, and stickers from the Bookish Classic Planner Sticker Kit. Check out this reel to see this spread come together!


The Bookish Planner Add-On Kit inspired my setup for my wellness journal with month inside my Bookish Weeks Daisy Dori. I used the stamp to create several habit trackers and used the self-care stickers from the kit to fill in the items I wanted to focus on. On the right side, I wrote a simple affirmation or quote for the day.   My daily download journal (using the horizontal pages from the Daisy Planner) got the Bookish Collection touch, too! I was inspired by the collection's colors to decorate each day with one main color and love adding all the die cuts, rub-ons, stamps, and stickers on the white space.  

Memory Planner

I completed three memory planner spreads using the Bookish Collection and prepped the sidebar on three more spreads! I went back to 2022 and completed a spread from November and absolutely loved how it turned out. My photos were pretty neutral colorwise so they didn't compete with the colors in the collection. Pocket cards are a real MVP for my memory planning. I chop them up and add them to the columns or punch them with circle punches as I did in this spread.  For this spread, I actually started with the decorating first and utilized the photo corners from the Bookish Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit to mark where my photos would be placed once I printed them. It was so fun to memory plan in a different way and use this collection to do so. You can see my "before the photo" process on my YouTube Channel.

Memory Keeping

  [gallery columns="2" size="full" link="none" ids="878505,878500,878503,878504"] I created four small scale memory keeping spreads using the Bookish Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, the pocket cards and stamps from the Bookish Modern Memory Keeping Kit, the Bookish Planner Add-On Kit, the papers from the Bookish Classified Memory Keeping Kit, and the fabulous Bookish Planner Printables. The printables come with papers and illustrated embellishments to last a lifetime. Ironically, I only made one book-related spread with the Bookish Collection, but that just tells me how truly versatile this collection is!¬† So there you have it, my favorite ten spreads across four paper crafting mediums with the Bookish Collection. This collection was such a delight to work with and I hope this encourages you to use those collections you love, instead of saving them! Isn't it more fun to see collections like this put to use instead of tucked away?

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator