Falling for Sketches Lesson Eight

Falling for Sketches Lesson Eight

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Welcome Back! Can you believe this is the final week of this class? We hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to use sketches to boost your creativity.

Jennie McGarvey: 12x12 Sketch

Hello! It's time for another beautiful sketch, and I'm so excited because I have learned something from these lovely creative ideas! Each week I've used circles on my layout and learned how much fun they are to incorporate.  I had so much fun using them and with these pages. I think I used to be a bit intimidated by them but I definitely love them now.
This sketch was another great one! I was most excited when I saw it because of the, you guessed it, circle! I knew it was going to add an enjoyable and playful element to the layout.  I also loved the three square photo spaces.  I had two photos I really wanted to use to tell a story in my backyard of two flowers that were blooming at the same time.  I could have gone with two photos, omitting the third, or used something in place of the third photo.  I decided to use a pocket card in place of the third photo.  I absolutely love it!
There are two other main ways I deviated from the sketch.  The first is incredibly simple.  I made the scale of the circle smaller.  That's it!  I just didn't want the focus of the layout to be on the circle, so I scaled it down.  That is it. The other way was I modified the title design a little bit.  Instead of a single line out the right-hand side, I decided to put it below the right photo, on several lines, on the chipboard banner.
There are several other small changes, such as my embellishment clusters.  I used three, as the sketch did.  I simply shifted the locations and then built up each embellishment into a cluster using rub-ons, glitter dots, and more.
I loved how throughout each week all of these sketches were simple.  It allowed for limitless creativity and self-expression. I know I was able to use the sketches to fit my photos, journaling, and supplies.  It was great and really very easy!  I hope you agree and have put the sketches we've seen over these eight weeks to great use!

Nathalie DeSousa: Travelers Notebook Sketch

https://youtu.be/P4yo-j3udeU       It is Nathalie DeSousa with you today to bring you a new project using today‚Äôs sketch and the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit. ¬†Sketches are a fantastic way to start a project; think of them as a blueprint. ¬† Let‚Äôs take a look at the sketch for today‚Äôs project.     I love the movement/flow of the sketch. ¬†If you take a closer look at the position of all the elements, they all follow a connective line that guides your eye throughout each piece in the spread. ¬† Though I love the original sketch, I made a few changes and additions that resulted in a colorful and balanced page.   My first choice was to enlarge the circle image of the sketch. ¬†To make sure that the circle does not overtake the page, I am only using a part of it on the spread and moving it to the left edge of the page. The choice of the two-tone patterned paper from the August Memory Keeping kit brings added interest to the circle and serves as a grounding piece in the spread.     I used the sketch as a guide to help me place the photos and paper strips. ¬† This time, I was true to the sketch and chose patterned paper from the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit. ¬†Since the paper strips overlap on the spread, I selected papers that did not have a busy or large pattern in them. ¬† This allowed me to add interest to the bottom edges of the strips, and even to add a small pop of color in between them, by means of a strip of washi tape from the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit.     Once again, I used the sketch to help me position the two smaller photos, journal lines, and tile on the right side of the spread. ¬†I used a combination of Chipboard stickers and Puffy Alpha stickers from the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit to create the title for the page. However, I had to make a few additions to the top and bottom of the paper strips ( above the right photo, and below the title) in order to balance the spread. ¬† Due to the size of the circle, I needed to add a few extra stamped sentiments. To do so, I used the stamp set from the Falling Into Sketches Class Bundle and a few extra pops of color with the rub-on stickers in order to stretch the design vertically, thus creating a size balance on both sides of the page. I hope this inspires you to use the sketch as inspiration for your project. ¬†Remember that the sketch is just a guide, the rest is all up to you. ¬†Cannot wait to see what you create!      

Rachel Newman: "Twist" Pocket Page Sketch

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://www.cocoadaisy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Lesson-8.mp4"][/video]       What?! A sketch for pocket pages?! Hooray! This sketch could easily be adapted to all sorts of pocket page configurations, sizes, and formats. I love adding a pocket page insert inside my memory planner and that's exactly where this layout ended up! Pocket pages are a fun way to memory keep, especially when you just think of each pocket as a mini scrapbook layout. If you are new to pocket pages or want to try them out, this sketch is a great place to start. It provides room for four photos and plenty of room for embellishment and journaling.     Look familiar? It is just a scaled-down version of the 12x12 sketch, all nestled into one 4x6 pocket. Everything from the original sketch fits beautifully inside this pocket. I started with a 4x6 piece of white card stock, but you could just as easily use a 4x6 pocket card from the Spice Market Modern Memory-Keeping Kit. Since everything is smaller, I was actually able to use paper scraps to build the layers in the background.¬†   I printed my photos 2 x 2 inches. When I use this sketch again I will likely print my photos a little smaller, to give all the elements a little more breathing room. That said, I do love how everything works together. The pattern papers and rub-on splatters look cohesive against the circular bits including the circle paper, plate die cuts, and enamel dots. I love anytime I can use a little word strip and label on my photo, too.   I like that the sketch balances the busyness of the bottom pocket with simple embellishments in the top two pockets. Once, again, I love adding word strips on top of my photos. The "On the Menu" pocket card was perfect for this spread, with enough space to add my typed journaling, printed on clear sticker paper. All in all, I stuck pretty close to the sketch and I'm glad I did!   Wow, such wonderful designs, thanks to some pretty fantastic sketches. We hope you enjoyed this class as much as we have. We want to see what you created, so make sure to share your designs on the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page or by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media. Leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions. Thank you for being here with us!