Design Your Perfect Planner Pages

Hello, friends! The planner inserts and Daisy Dori are for any planning style! Whether you prefer structure or a free-form style of planning, there is something for everybody!  

Natasha Pytlik: B6 Vertical Weeklies

  For me, my perfect planner spread consists of equal parts cuteness and functionality. The Doodles & Dashes II Collection is so stinking cute with the whimsical floral elements; I just adore all of the deco¬†from the collection. I really like having my concentrated lists for the week in front of me¬†at all times to ensure I get done what I need to get done.     To make space for my listing area, I¬†stacked Saturday and Sunday on the far right column to dedicate the two bottom horizontal¬†boxes for this week's lists. I used the days of the week stickers from the¬†Doodles & Dashes II Classified: Planner Kit and paired them with the number stickers from the Doodles & Dashes Kit II Planner Add-On Kit. It is such a¬†great pairing.       For the creative design behind my b6 layout layering is my go-to! To do so I select one larger¬†sticker like the clipboard and I will pair it with a header sticker. Small subtle details. Another¬†sticker laying formula I use often is starting with the full box stickers and layering them with two smaller deco¬†elements. I like when each of the smaller decorative stickers are different sizes.     The best part of the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit is how easy the planner products make blending¬†functionality and cuteness, especially with their icon stickers which help with tackling to-dos like¬†cleaning the house. My house might not be super clean but at least my planner looks cute!¬†      

Sian Carter: A5 Daisy Dori

  When building your perfect planner spread, let‚Äôs first consider that the possibilities are endless, starting with purpose. Your plans on paper are meant to inspire you, keep you organized, and improve your life, whether fun, functional, or better yet both! To me, the Doodles & Dashes II Collection is the chic autumnal inspiration I need to build my perfect planner spreads this month. I‚Äôm always stunned by the curation of gorgeous artwork embellishing the corners, headers, and footers of every page of Cocoa Daisy inserts. So have your pick of pages for your perfect planner spread. With the Doodles & Dashes II A5 Daisy Dori,¬†there is sure to be a fall floral cluster here and a jewel-toned flourish there, which means Cocoa Daisy inserts themselves are the perfect place to get your perfect planner spread started!   [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="860263,860264"]   A few staple spreads I need and use in my planner include weeklies, monthly goals, and a gratitude log. When I build any of these pages I typically start with the layout and the lettering. I‚Äôm a big fan of creating frames, boxes, and borders in my spreads.     Actually, I typically create these elements of my perfect planner spread using the fine tip end of a Zebra Mildliner, so when I saw that the included one it was a perfect fit! I used that Mildliner in creating the boxes of my first November Doodles & Dashes II weekly and in highlighting my November 2022 header. Off to a great start!     After I establish the layout or organization of my perfect planner spread, I decorate! This collection includes several sticker sheets and die-cuts. The most autumnal vibes are captured in arranging the fall florals and leaves from the¬†Doodles & Dashes II Collection to dance across the pages. Any white space you have left is perfect for a lovely strip of washi tape which I implemented in the header on the right page next to those fall florals bursting from the top corner.     Lastly, don‚Äôt forget your functional stickers! The Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit and Doodles & Dashes Kit II Planner Add-On Kit have your back and not only cover your decorative options needed to create your perfect planner spread, but your functionals too, like checklists, date dots, day scripts, and icons! You have all the makings of a perfect November planner spread with the Doodles & Dashes II Collection.   Share your perfect planner pages with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator