Bullet Journaling with Cocoa Daisy

Bullet Journaling with Cocoa Daisy
Hello Daisies ! I hope all of you are OK. Remember when I told you in January that I found planner peace in standard dori ? Guess what, I changed LOL. With the lockdown, my kits had troubles to come to me (I am still waiting for some by the way). So I had to change a bit my perspectives. In addition, I didn't feel anymore to journal about my life in one page each day, or to memory keep so much. So when June didn't came on time, I decided to try an A5 notebook, with only dots. That page was scaring me at the beginning, too blank. But finally I think it helps me to boots my creativity and I'm kinda love that ! That's why I decided to do it again for July, in the same notebook. Do you know that Cocoa Daisy has an option "without insert" for the planner kit ? Or you can use the insert for an other thing than planning, but it will be for an other blog :) . For my notebook, I made some "generic" pages. I used the old owls and moon kit that I had in my stash. I love this kit so much ! You can see those pages on my video. I like this principle, because I don't need to write again each month for generics informations, like my garden or home to-do-list. As I'll keep the same notebook for several months, I decided to use washi on the side of each page, using one washi per month. It's practical (if I need to add a generic page in the middle of my journal, I will be able to see it in a second), but I also like the way it looks like :)  
  • I decided to begin my month with a sort of a cover, and a page with room to note online shopping that I wait for. This is what it looks like for June, with things of my stash and printables :
  And there is July, with the kit. I missed it so much ! I used a double patterned paper from the planner kit, a card from the planner add-on kit, and stickers from planner sticker kit and classic sticker kit. I love how those stickers allow to make a quick (and pretty !) page.
  • Then, I made a monthly page. For this one I changed my habits. I added a monthly to-do-list to my calendar and I used it to fill my weekly to do list.
Here is June :   I printed a calendar, glued a patterned paper and added some of the printables I resized for this use. For using my calendar, I just use the stickers from the planner add-on. For the left part, I glued a printable page, some printables "dies cuts", and used stickers, washi and stamps from my stash (I really loved have a hudge stash during those difficults times !).   And here is July :   I did more or less the same, but using the kit. I added some paint that was in the TNMK kit on the page on the left, in order to make a "water effect". I really like how it turned out !  
  • Then, I made my weekly pages. I decided to make a weekly to do list on one page, and then to make the dailies on 3 pages. Here are examples of June
  Each day, I stamped the weather with the "simon and the weather stamp", and wrote highlights of the day in boxes, in order to substitute to the journaling pages that I did in my standard dori.   And those are examples from July : And this is an other weekly style I made in my doggy planner, using the weeks sticker kit (also in a A5 notebook)
  • Then I made my meal tracking page, using some printables
  • I also made a currently page, when I track all the cultural stuff (books, cooking, films/TV shows, music...) that I enjoy during the month. For July, I used my usual "skeletton" for this page, but I found that the dashboard was just perfect for this use, just the titles to add !
[caption id="attachment_694069" align="alignnone" width="600"] bty[/caption]
  • For 18 months now, I keep a "gratitude page". I love this one, it's really helpful to be able to see that good stuff are happening every single day, even during the worst ones. For June, I used the "covid-19 Simon" free printable.
And this is my July page, before the pen : For this one, I also made a background, but I used some watercolor pen. Then, I added stamping, alphas, dies cuts, stickers, rub-on... from various kits. I really like the "mixed media effect" of this page, and it will be difficult to write on it :D !  
  • My last monthly page is the steps and meditation tracker. For July, I used the same background technique and used a lot of stamping. I really love to use monthly stamps (this month there were stamps in main planner kit too !)) for my steps tracker and all those cuties fishes where perfect for that ! I also used stickers to add color to the page, and to cover my oupsi from stamping !
  • After one week in my A5 notebook, I felt that something was missing : pictures ! So I made a weekly page with the best pictures of the week, and added some kit stickers. You can see those pages in my video below.
  I really hope you enjoyed this journey through my new A5 planner. There is a video (in french) if you want to see more : https://youtu.be/Irl0H5y5frM   Happy planning to all of you !