All the Pretty Patterns and Papers!

All the Pretty Patterns and Papers!

Traci Reed: Creating Visual Interest with Pattern and Texture

It's no secret that I love pattern and color and texture when I scrapbook, the more layers the better, so I'm here with a few tips for combining multiple patterned papers from the Nordic Skies Collection into one eye-catching layout!

First, when choosing patterns, you will want to select them carefully so that they are different in scale, type, and color. For instance, I have four patterns on this layout: The black butterfly and pink stripe in the background and then the polka dot, the painted celestial, and the watercolor splatter as part of my main cluster.

The two background patterns create a subtle "stage" for the more vibrant patterns in the foreground and they all work together because the pattern types and sizes and colors are varied. If I stuck four polka dot papers or four pink papers together, they would end up working against each other instead of with each other.
Second, I added tearing and folds to my papers to bring them all together stylistically. This adds not only visual interest to the layout as a whole but also creates repeating motifs across the layout to lead your eye around the page.
I even tore the journal cards and added bits of patterned paper behind the tears that matched the facing layout, a great way to tie those patterns into the pockets as well!
Bonus, Cocoa Daisy cards are double-sided, so they had their own patterns on the back of the cards that matched!
I hope this helps you be more confident in the future when mixing and matching all the lovely patterned papers that come in the Nordic Skies Collection!

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